2 Day A Week Fasting Diet- Does It Work?

Does the 2 day a week fasting diet work?

From what I’ve researched it does. Even  though there are many different ways to do this type of dieting or non-dieting , the 2-day a week is probably the easiest one to start with, if you have never fasted before.empty plate and silverware

But just a reminder please check with your health care professional before you start making changes to your diet.

The guideline for the 2 day a week fasting diet is very simple. You basically fast or eat very light (500 calories for women and 600 calories for men) for two days a week. Not consecutive days. Break up the 2 days throughout the week. This diet is sometimes called the 5:2 diet. Five days of eating normal and 2 days of fasting or 500 calories. This book is available here.

The benefits of eating or dieting this way is mentally you know that you can eat normally tomorrow and you just have to be very careful today. We can all have the willpower to diet for just 1 day.

You will lose weight, about 1 pound a week for women, maybe more depending on how clean and careful you are. This approach also help to prevent diseases and helps give you longevity.

The reasoning behind this form of dieting or fasting, whatever you want to call it, is we are tricking our bodies into believing we are in a famine mode, therefore, the body burns energy from stored fat in the body.

On your normal day, you would be wise to eat clean. By that I mean no junk food, no processed foods, be careful of sugar. Stick with mostly high protein foods , vegetables and salads, which I know is just like dieting. But you know if you cheat you haven’t blown the no junk foodgood results.

But you want to put only healthy food into your body. Like a billboard poster I mentioned in another article, “Be careful what you put in your body, you have to live there”.

But if you want to get healthy you need to eat healthy.

Having a no-no food once in a while (not every day) won’t ruin your diet or weight loss progress. So don’t despair if you slip occasionally,  just get right back on track, you lost a little battle, but you did not lose the war.

This is a war you can win, if you want it bad enough, and who doesn’t want to be slim and trim, disease free and full of energy.

What do the experts say? 

We have been told repeatedly to eat 3 ,4, even 6 small meals a day to be healthy. Where has that gotten us. The country on a whole is more obese than ever.

Even many of our children are overweight, so I don’t thinks 3,4,5, small meals a day is the answer. And, most of the time the meals are not small. So what is the answer. We’ve been told to eat low-fat, exercise, and never skip a meal.

How’s it working for you? I know it didn’t work for me. And I tried them all. Weight Watchers, Slim-fast, Atkins,  Overeaters Anonymous. None of them worked for the long haul.

Either they were too strict or   because of the type of program they featured, all you did was think about food. Buying food, preparing food, weighting and measuring food, counting points, so you were constantly thinking about food.

I love fasting

That’s why I like any form of fasting. once your body gets used to less food and sometimes no food, it’s surprising how you stop thinking about it, craving it. Especially the wrong kinds.

The food laden with sugar and high in carbohydrates, which are just what we should stay away from, are usually the ones we crave.

But once you have experienced fasting for a short time, you will pleasantly surprised. Won’t it be wonderful not to be a slave to food anymore.

Hopefully this article will help you to get control of your eating and achieve better health.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna



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