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Keep A Journal

If you are having trouble losing weight, keep a journal. A journal will help you see what’s working and what isn’t.Keep a journal

You have to be completely honest with yourself, (no one has to see it)if you want it to help you.

Make sure you record everything truthfully. Record all your actions and also all your feelings.

How you reacted when a friend had dessert the other night. Also how you felt when you cheated. I know some of my self-talk is I’ll do better tomorrow, well tomorrow never comes.

So now I try to stay with today, just do the best I can today. Another thing that is helpful is mind-set. Tell yourself that you really don’t want that ice cream, that you are full. Different positive self-help talks will help a lot. Much of your success will come from positive self-talk.

Just remember, if you cheat don’t go crazy and continue to binge eat. Consider it a little mistake and get right back on the horse again.

You will be surprised how  much writing everything down will open your eyes to the mistakes you are making.

Also, it will help with your mind-set. Be sure to record your feelings as well. That will also help you stay on track.

Include in your writings how you are feeling, physically as well as emotionally.

This will be very helpful in your quest for a successful experience while doing a fast, juice fast or any other weight loss program.

This will help tell you when you are negative and feel like quitting and when you are feeling very positive.

Is there a pattern to your actions? When are you more successful and positive. What causes those feelings, as opposed to being negative. Did someone compliment you or do you just feel better about yourself?

Putting feelings on paper will help us look at ourselves honestly and objectively.

Don’t be afraid to let that inner voice give yourself a lecture. Do I really need a taste of that? One taste could lead to more eating and there goes your  diet, right out the window.keep a journal

Give yourself positive talk and praise yourself when you successful handle a difficult hurdle. We all need positive reinforcement.

Make sure your journal is attractive to you, not just some cheap notebook, it’s going to be with you for a while, and you might want to refer to it often in the future.

Don’t write it on your computer, it needs to be with you at all times, so you can always be updating it often. If it’s in written form, you can carry it with you and update it when ever you feel the need.

Sometimes that inner voice is more truthful than we realize. Don’t be afraid to write all that you are feeling,  like if you exercised this morning, show that you are proud of that. It will help keep you on course to success. Nothing like a pat on the back to help with that confidence booster.

keep a journal
Fitness dance zumba class

Share your struggles and easy times, don’t be afraid to self talk to help keep you on track. Losing weight can be a very difficult thing, just don’t le it get you down, and don’t give up on yourself.

It’s well worth the energy and time invested to be successful And the rewards are so worth it.

So go get that journal and start writing your way to a successful weight lose and better health.

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To Fast or Not To Fast

Are you very overweight? Sick and tired of the way you look and feel. Fed up with trying to follow a diet program, only to fail. How many of us have been there and done fast or no to fast

To fast or not to fast. That is the question.

How many times have you tried diet after diet, losing a few pounds along the way, just to fail and go back to bad eating habits.

It can be very discouraging, I know, I’ve been there. I still fight it sometimes. I remember one time I joined Weight Watchers, which is a very sensible program. I lose 1 pound one week and it cost me $15.00 to lose one pound. For me that did not make sense, way to expensive.

But there is a better solution. It’s called fasting.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, consider fasting, especially water fasting.

Water fasting has been around for many years. First for religious reasons, many followers fasted for their beliefs in their church teachings. For whatever reasons abstaining from food (fasting) has been around for hundreds of years. Today many religions still fast.

But if you are interested in fasting to lose weight, hopefully this will be a guide to help you in your weight loss journey.

First don’t just jump into a full water fast. You will suffer from many discomforts that are unnecessary, which may cause you to give up on the weight loss journey.asting or not to fast

Start by doing intermittent fasting, either 1 or 2 light meals a day. This will give your body a chance to adjust to lighter amounts of food. Try this for a week, then start your water fast. Give up red meat, processed foods, sugars, sodas, and alcohol when doing the intermittent fasting. You will lose weight just doing this, but if you want to water fast do the intermittent fasting first. This gives your body a chance to adjust to a new way of eating or not eating. Your chances for extreme symptoms with out food will be less. No one needs to have discomfort when losing weight.

Start it on a day that  is  relativity  quiet, on the weekend or very light work load in your work environment. Keep your social commitments to a minimum or none at all. In the beginning, the less temptations the better.

Keep a lot of water handy, plus some flavored waters and green teas. This will help with hunger and cravings.

The first few days are the hardest. Usually after the first days of water fasting, you will lose your desire to stuff your face. Your desire for all the wrong foods will leave you. But keep in mind that the cravings can come back.

If you get shaky or light headed, have something light. A cup of bullion, a small apple or a couple of crackers.

Remember, just eat a little bit, very slowly to stabilize your blood sugar. Don’t go on a binge and eat everything in sight. It could make you sick, especially if you have been fasting for a while.

You will encounter times when fasting is very easy and times when you just don’t think you can do it any more.

The rewards are well worth the hard work and discipline. The weight will come off very fast and to me, it’s easier than cooking meals and having to show restraint and only eat a small portion. My theory is out of sight, out of mind.

Even if you have a family to cook for, it’s still easier to feed them and not eat yourself, than to have just a little. “Just a little” does not work for me.

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The Dodo Fasting Diet


Which Diets are popular now?

In 2013 it was the 5:2 diet, which encouraged fasting with a small amount of food(500 calories) on your fasting days. This was a very popular diet for quite a while. Then came the Dodo fasting diet, which has become the newest trend with the celebrities.dodo diet

It’s easier to follow and the results are great. Up to 7 pounds the first week. Plus the name gets your attention for sure.

Have you heard of the Dodo fasting diet? It is getting very popular due to the fact that it is easy to follow and easy to understand. You do the diet for one day and off for one day. Hence the name.

You lose weight quickly, with an increase in energy levels. This diet or any good diet will help reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, prevent diabetes, heart disease and slow the aging process. Basically you need to drop the pounds.

So, how does the Dodo Diet work?

You eat your pre fast meal in the evening and then you don’t eat again until the following evening. You enjoy fresh protein and vegetables until full. For quickest results, try to make it a low carb meal.

The follow morning, after the fasting the day before, have a low-carb, light breakfast. Eat normally for this day watching your carbs. That’s it, pretty simple for sure.

Only follow this fasting day for one day followed by a eating day. You can do the fasting diet up to 3 days a week. So 3 days a week you fast during the day and 4 days a week you eat normally. But don’t overeat, still try to be careful. No hot fudge sundaes, French fries, you know what I mean.

You still want to eat carefully so you will see fast results. Plus you will feel much more positive about your journey.

Getting started on the Dodo fasting Diet

The day before you start the diet, eat a regular breakfast and lunch. For your evening meal eat a high protein meal with veggies and salad. Plus a little dressing. Have your evening meal around 7:00. This is your pre-fast meal. Drink only water during the evening.

Starting the next day, the first day of your fasting, no food all day until evening, when you have your mid-fast meal. During that day, you can have water, green tea, or some coffee dodo dietwithout milk, sugar, or sweeteners.

Eat mid-fast meal about 20 – 24 hours after your pre- fast meal.

The next day,(no fast day) eat a normal breakfast, lunch,  and if you are fasting the next day, eat a pre-fast meal (extra protein). It’s recommended on this plan not to fast everyday, take a day off between your fasting days.

On the Dodo diet you don’t have to count calories. But your meals should consist of a normal portion of protein, 2 cups of veggies. On non-fasting days, don’t fill up on fast food or your efforts will be in vain.

Feel free to eat from a large variety of wholesome food. but go light on sugary foods . They  will only sabotage your weight loss and foods that are high in carbs will keep you craving more and it will be a vicious cycle.

So good luck on your weight loss journey, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me below with any questions.

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Power Of A Positive Mind

Do you have the power of a positive mind? Sometimes it’s not easy to think positive. Self-doubt can creep into our minds so easy.mind

We think we are going to stay positive and then that little bit of uncertainty starts to cloud our positive thoughts. It can be about anything, our work, our family skills, just so many things.

When it comes to losing weight it seems like an endless battle. We are always fighting the mental battle over food. Unfortunately we have to eat. Not like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, which you can quit completely. We can water fast, juice fast, but eventually we have to go back to eating.

There are so many temptations all around us, it’s very hard to stay on track. So many people telling you, just a little bit off this chocolate cake can’t hurt and the next thing you are eating a large slice of cake and then feeling like a complete failure. The next thought that comes into your mind is what’s the use. I’m a failure!

When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy it is a difficult process. You have to change your mental approach to the process. Whether it is fasting, intermitted fasting,  juice fasting  or some form of dieting you will meet with all forms of resistant either from family, friends or even yourself. Changing the process from a negative to a positive will help you in the process to lose the weight and become healthy and strong.

Probably for years you have been eating for many different reasons, not just when you were hungry.

Maybe you were bored, maybe you were sad, maybe you don’t feel adequate or feel very lonely. Whatever the reasons, being overweight just adds to the problem. We eat for many different reasons, not all because we were hungry. So you have to shift your thinking, start thinking very positive about losing weight. How much better you will feel and look. Ridding yourself of possible health problems. Those are some of the reasons.

Just remember the mind controls the body. If you want to reach your ideal weight and live a healthy lifestyle, you must control your mind. If you start thinking I need something sweet, you have to create a different, more positive mind set. Like that donut will make my stomach feel very heavy, so I think I would like a large glass of ice cold water instead.

Remember the hunger will subside, just give it a little time.

If you are afraid of negative thoughts and breaking your diet commitments, try using positive affirmations like:power of a positive mind

  • I will take good care of my body.
  • I will feel so much better when I lose the weight.
  • I feel satisfied with a large glass of cold water.
  • I can lose the weight.
  • I am becoming healthier.
  • I am ridding my body of all the toxins.
  •  Eating healthy feels so good.
  • I don’t want to get sabotaged.
  • I deserve a healthy body.
  • I will feel so good about myself.

So use your mind to help you make positive changes to your weight loss journey. You deserve to be healthy and attractive for the rest of your life. Remember how much weight can effect your health. It’s important that you do all you can to prevent illness.

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