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Thirteen Tricks To Lose Weight Fast

Every once in a while there is a time when you have to lose weight fast for a special occasion, beach time, vacation, class reunion, wedding, you name it. Well here are thirteen tricks to help you peel off those stubborn pounds.13 tricks to lose weight fast

  1.  Keep a journal. Be honest , write everything down. You will be surprised at how much you have eaten without even thinking about it. Don’t be afraid to express your feeling, what you are thinking when you eat something that you shouldn’t, how you felt after. Think about your mind-set. Your mind is a powerful thing, use it to your advantage.
  2. Increase your fiber. Fiber will fill you up and plus it is very good for you. Fiber helps to push waste through the colon. Cereal, grains, fruits, salad ingredients are high in fiber. A woman needs 25 grams a day and a man needs 38 grams a day.
  3. Water, good old H20. Still one of your diet’s best friends. It fills you up, without any calories, is great for you and helps to satisfy you. Get one of the new water carriers and keep it with you all the time.
  4. Cut out high fat foods. Give up the French fries, fried chicken, spare ribs, you know what I mean, all the good stuff.
  5. Increase your walking time by 15 minutes. If you walk for 30 minutes increase your walking time to 45 minutes If you walk for an hour add on another 15 minutes. Just increasing your exercise time by 15 minutes you will see a change on the scale.
  6. Use smaller plates for eating. If you use a smaller plate, you will naturally eat less.
  7. Eat fruit, don’t drink it. There are 22 grams of sugar in a glass of orange juice. You will feel more satisfied if you eat your fruit.
  8. Use weights during commercials on tv. Most commercial breaks last 3 minutes, a good time to do a little weight lifting.
  9. Get rid of the salt . Start seasoning your food with natural herbs and spices. Much better for you and you will get rid of that bloated feeling.
  10. Give up all white food, except cauliflower. All white foods are high in carbohydrates which can really add on the pounds. You can drop 15 pounds in a couple of weeks if you are careful and follow a low carb lifestyle.
  11. Do an extra 30 minutes of cardio instead of television in the evening. You will be surprised , it’s not that hard and you won’t miss that show anyway. If you really want to be gung-ho do some interval training when you walk or workout.
  12. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, park furthest from the entrance to the buildings you use.
  13. Give up alcohol. Alcohol is full of empty calories and if you mix it with some mixers  you will double the calories, beer is bloating. When you drink you lose your will power and start eating everything around you, all the munchies and snack food and you also don’t make good choices for meals after a couple of cocktails. Better off to just skip the drinks.13 tricks to lose weight fast.

That’s my list. I hope you are able to use it to get some pounds off for that next special occasion. Good luck and let me know how you do.

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you. Deanna

Alternative For The Salt Water Flush

If you are considering doing the master cleanse and the salt-water flush seem harsh to do. Some people find it too difficult to complete.

If you can’t get the salt water down,  here is an alternative for the salt water flush.

There are many different ways to flush out your system besides the salt water, which some people think is very drastic and unappealing. This colon cleanse can be used at any time when your system seems sluggish or you are constipated, not just during a fast or partial fast.

But there are many alternatives available to use. Also it is recommended by many professionals that it is not necessary to do a colon cleanse if you are not consuming any fiber.

If you are doing a partial fast like a rice or fruit fast, than a colon cleanse is recommended.

Natural fiber supplements  Yes or No?Alternatives to salt water flush

Psyllium husks and flax seeds are two natural fiber products that can be used in place of a salt flush.

Both are available in health food stores and on Amazon. Very easy to prepare and the results are very good.

Here is the directions on how to use:

1 rounded tsp psyllium husk

1 tsp bentonite clay, (powder or liquid)

8 ounces of liquid

Put ingredients in a  empty glass and add water, stirring well.

Drink right away, before it thickens. Then have another glass of water. Continue to drink plenty of water and other liquids.

On the first day, only drink one glass of the mixture, followed by 2  -3 glasses each following days. Make sure you drink between meals and away from when you take your medications and supplements.

Necessary or not?

Many people believe in enemas for a though cleansing. But I guess it’s a matter of preference, as others feel enemas are not necessary. If you have the equipment and feel it’s helpful than by all means do them.

But also remember they can become addicting and you don’t want that. We’re trying to get healthy here and not damage our health, but improve it.

To drink or not to drink….

Herbal teas that is.Alternative to salt flush

There are a number of herbal laxative teas on the market today available in health food stores and grocery stores. They contain seinna, for stimulating your system.

Good Earth and Smooth Move are two of the most popular ones readily available.

Just drink a cup of tea in the evening before you retire and if you prefer another in the morning.

Just make sure you do not overuse or your colon can get dependent on this or any other laxative.


Another option is to do nothing at all. You can give your colon a rest and let it heal by itself.


Instructions For The Master Cleanse

Many people have been asking about the Master Cleanse. So here are the instructions for the master cleanse.

Here are some of the reasons for doing the master cleanse or as many call it The Lemonade Diet.Master cleanse

  • Helps get rid of toxins
  • Helps eliminate waste
  • Cleanse the digestive system and the major organs
  • Helps build healthy blood cells
  • Clears up irritation throughout the body
  • Also will jump start weight loss

What is the Master Cleanse?

It’s pure water with the addition of fresh lemon juice, pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The maple syrup gives you a few calories to help satisfy you and the cayenne pepper is good for the blood stream.


8 ounces pure water

2tbsp, 100% pure maple syrup, preferably #2 grade

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

Drink this mixture whenever you are thirsty or hungry, no more than12 glasses a day. Start with room temperature lemons, juice and add to the water, add the maple syrup, cayenne pepper and drink. You can make enough for the whole day, but store in a glass container, not plastic, in the refrigerator. Make a fresh batch daily.

I remember when I was a girl, we would visit my Aunt and Uncle in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and my aunt would have warm water and fresh lemon juice every morning. I asked her why and she said that it flushed out her system and got rid of impurities. So this concept has been around for quite a while.

Drink 1 cup of herbal laxative tea every evening and do  a salt water flush every morning.

Salt Water Flush

The salt water flush is done the first thing in the morning. Make sure you are near a bathroom.Master cleanse

The flush consists of 2 teaspoons of un-iodized salt dissolved in 1 quart of warm water. You have to drink it down, not sip it.

It is not the most pleasant experience and many people are not able to accomplish this step.

It doesn’t work for everyone and some people just can not get the whole quart of water down without gagging.

Many people say that the cleansing effect is wonderful, but it’s not for everyone.

But the people that can tolerate it feel like a deep cleansing has been accomplished.

Don’t feel that you can’t do the master cleanse if you can’t tolerate the salt water flush. You can do the fast but substitute a different type of morning flush. That will still be an effective cleanse.

This a strict form of fasting, very similar to the water fast. The benefits are very good but it’s difficult to do. If you feel this is too strict for you, there are many other forms of fasting that are a little easier to do.  But remember fasting is a very unique experience and the results are really great.

But don’t discount fruit fasting, juice fasting, or intermittent fasting. All are very helpful to cleansing your system and giving you a boost that you may need health-wise.

Do not attempt this fast if you have any health issues or take large amounts of medicines.

And always check with your health care professional before doing a fast or changing  your diet.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you found this information helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Deanna



Fruit Fasting- A Sweet Alternative

Fruit fasting is a sweet alternative to juicing or water fasting. This type of fasting give you the added benefit of something to chew. You will still lose weight quickly and also start to detox your system.Fruit fasting

Many believe it’s a great approach if you find juice or water fasting too difficult to attempt. Also fruit fasting is quite easy. Just wash your fruit and eat. No juicing to be concerned with and it’s easy to carry with you.

The only fast easier is water fasting.

Only the best will do

Always use only fresh , ripe,  good quality fruit for your fruit fast. Nothing canned or frozen.

Here is a list of the more popular fruits to eat:

  • apples
  • oranges
  • grapefruit
  • pears
  • grapes
  • melon
  • watermelon
  • pineapple

If you can, try to do a 3 day fruit fast for the first time. If you have to go back to regular food, do so, but limit your amounts. Don’t undo all the good you have done. Each time you do a fruit fast, try to increase the amount of days that you do it. You will be surprise at the results you achieve. Not only physically,  but mentally as well.

As with any fast, you are giving your body a chance to heal. As with any fast the same cleansing effect will happen, flushing the toxins out of your body. Maybe not as quickly, but still very effectively.

You may have all the same symptoms as with any fast. Flu like symptoms, headache, and body aches. Don’t be alarmed, that’s just your body getting rid of all the toxins and healing itself.

As for the sugar in the fruit, don’t be concerned. The sugar which is fructose is not as damaging   as refined sugar and breaks down very slowly in our systems over a longer period of time.

Different types of fruit fasting

Variety of fruits 

Eating a variety of fruits is one type of fruit fasting. You can have almost any fruit as long as it is raw. Citrus, grapes, and apples are the most popular and are vey cleansing. Try not to use bananas as they do not have the cleansing effect that other fruits have.

Make sure you limit the amount of fruit you eat.

1-2 pieces per sitting is plenty. Eat slowly until full, no stuffing yourself. Usually 2 pounds is average for the day. That’s for 3-5 meals a day.

Make sure you try different combinations of all the different fruits to make sure they work well together.

One fruit type of fast.

One fruit fast is the simpler way to begin a fruit fast. You stick with just one type of fruit throughout the whole time you are fasting.  It might just be the easiest way to start. There is less of a reaction if you just eat the same fruit over and over. Although it might be a little boring.

There is always juice fasting if this type of fasting does not appeal to you. Here is a great juicer if you prefer juicing.

The best and most cleansing are apples, grapes and citrus. Make sure you eat slowly and stop eating when you are full. Don’t overeat.

Good luck in your fasting journey and if you have any questions or comments please comment below and thanks for visiting my site. Deanna

Benefits of Fasting- There Are Many

Have you ever considered fasting and what the benefits are? If you are reading this article you must be interested in fasting. There are many forms of fasting and also many benefits associated with food

Plus there are many different types of fasting, so you need to find out which type will works best for you.

First, if you are new to fasting, let me describe the different ways to fast.

  1. Water fasting- just what it says, just water for a certain amount of time.
  2. Juice fasting- Only juice for a set amount of time.
  3. Intermittent fasting- Eating only 1 or 2 light meals a day, depending on your reasons for fasting. Or one or two days a week of total fasting.
  4. Dry  fasting- The strictest and the most difficult. One that I would not do without a Doctor’s supervision.

Fasting can be done as easy or as strict as you want. You be the judge. If you are just starting fasting, it might be better to start with the least strict form of fasting. If you are fasting for weight loss the stricter the quicker the weight loss.

My first fast was a juice fast for 7 days and I lost 10 pounds. I was so satisfied with the juice fast that I could not drink all the glasses of juice recommended. But remember in a juice fast to use 80% vegetable and 20% fruit, because of the sugar in the fruit and there are many nutrients in the vegetables.

With the water fast you will lose the most amount of weight the fastest. But it is also very hard to do for any length of time. I have tried a water fast and only did 3 days, when I wanted to do 10.water fasting

Let’s talk about the benefits of any fasting.

The American diet, especially, has suffered from the excesses of foods and many of the wrong types of foods. Rich, heavy, overly processed foods that just put a burden on our system and never get cleaned out.

By fasting, we give our bodies a break from the overstuffing and all the bad choices.

The benefits of fasting

  1. Cleanse and detox the body.
  2. Give the digestive system a well needed rest.
  3. Help prevent and eliminate diseases like high blood-pressure, diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer.
  4. Fasting helps the body heal from within and most people will see improvement in their overall health.

Fasting will not cure you of any ailments or illnesses. It just gives your body the rest it needs to heal itself. For instance, take a small cut on your finger or hand, within a couple of days it starts to heal itself. That’s the power of the human body if it is in optimum health when it’s not being burdened with digesting and metabolizing the vast amounts of food we consume.

More benefits of fasting.

  • Anti aging
  • better sleep patterns
  • improved good habits
  • clearer skin
  • clearer thinking
  • better able to relax
  • improvement in diet
  • reduce allergies
  • rest digestive system
  • more energy
  • more awareness
  • more resistance to disease
  • last but not least weight loss

That is a very impressive list to encourage you to try fasting. And just remember that if you don’t complete as much time fasting as you planned for, it’s a step in the right direction and each time will get you closer to your goal. If you are considering juice fasting check out this juicer, it does an awesome job.

If your fasting is geared to weight lose,  just remember that any amount of fasting will help and the more often that you can do a fast, the closer you will come to achieving your weight los goals and the added benefits are an added bonus. benefits of fasting

So good luck and much success in your fasting journey and if I can help or guide you in any way, please leave a comment or question below and thank you.