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5 Binge Eating Symptoms-How To Get Help.

What is binge eating? Binge eating is eating a large quantity of food very quickly and eating  until you are uncomfortable. That might be an overly simplified definition of BED. But you need to understand binge eating symptoms and how to get help.5 binge eating symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms of BED (Binge eating disorder).

  1. Not following a scheduled eating plan.
  2.  Eating alone whenever possible.
  3. Overeating when alone. Eating large quantities of food and have no control over the amount they eat.
  4. Continue to eat, even when full or stuffed, especially when no one is around.
  5. Usually feel very guilty and ashamed about the way they eat and the amount of food that they consume.

Those are a list of some of the binge eating symptoms to look for. If you think you or someone close to you may have a problem, you should seek professional help for yourself or them. Binge eating is by far the most common eating disorder in the United States. Some statistics to look for the severity of the disease are:

Mild: 1-3 episodes a week

Moderate: 4-7 episodes a week

Severe: 8-13 episodes a week

Extreme: 14 or more episodes a week.

If you have symptoms of binge eating, seek medical help, do not leave this condition untreated. New and useful information is coming to light continually to help individuals with BED. It should not be taken lightly,  as it is a serious eating disorder.

This problem may be hard to detect in others, as it is very secretive, but if you have a loved one you may suspect has this problem, let them know you want to help.

Long Term Effects 

Most of the long term effects are similar to the effects of obesity.

High blood pressure

high cholesterol


heart problems

mental disorder

usually obese

The patient could also suffer from depression, very low-self-esteem and guilty feelings from the problems associated with this disorder. The patient will try to show normal eating habits when around others, but will hoard and hide food from others in the house and car.

They also suffer from a lack of control and tend to eat very fast and eat in secret.

This disease is difficult in that you can’t go “cold-turkey”. We all need to eat, not like a drug or alcohol which you can quit completely. We all have to eat to survive , but you need to develop a healthier relationship with food, in order to win this battle.

Your eating will have to be more nutritional, rather than emotional.


The good news is there  treatment available and recovery is possibly and the  success rate is quite good.

In 1987 the American Psychiatric Association considered BED as part of the disease, bulimia, which is a disorder where the patient goes on binges and then purges the food.

In 2013, BED is now considered it’s own eating disorder by the APA. And it’s now recognized by many insurance companies, so you or a loved one can get the help that’s needed.

You need to see your health care provider for help with finding a source of help in dealing with this problem.

Remember there is help available and don’t be afraid to seek it.

Getting treatment for binge eating disorder is usually needed to overcome this problem. Don’t feel alone and helpless. Help is available. If you think you or someone close to you has a problem you need to get medical help. Medical help can make  you feel better, give you a better understanding of the problem and assist you in getting control of your life.

Develop a healthy relationship with food

You will have to develop a different attitude about food.

You will have to stop thinking about food all the time.

Try to eat at set times every day. Don’t try to skip meals and don’t over eat. Eat slowly until you feel full. Don’t eat standing up or watching TV and putting your fork down between bites will help slow slowing down your eating.

Engage in other activities to divert your obsession with food.

5 symptoms of binge eating
Fitness dance zumba class

Take yoga classes, join a gym, start or join a walking group. Take up golf, swim, join a book club, there are many alternatives to keep you busy and doing something that you can learn to enjoy to take your mind off eating.

There are so many activities to take your mind off food. You will feel so positive when you exercise, you won’t want to undo all the good that you did.

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Green Tea – How It Helps

Have you ever tried green tea when trying to lose weight? This article will tell you about using green tea, the benefits and how it can tea how it helps

Fasting and detox

When you are trying to fast and start getting hunger pangs, green tea can help curb those pangs and gives you a good boost of energy besides. It also helps with the symptoms of the detox process which normally occurs during a water or juice fast.

If you are working while doing a fast, more energy may be needed and that’s where green tea comes in handy. Most people have to maintain a busy work schedule even if they want to fast to improve their health and lose weight. Green tea is very good for satisfying cravings, and giving you the needed boost to help you refrain from eating or cheating.

I found drinking green tea gave me a lot of energy that I don’t have on just a water or juice fast.

Plus green tea helps you lose the belly fat quickly, and who doesn’t want that.Green tea how it helps

There are many teas available that tout the powers to help with weight loss, but from my research the best one is green tea. Researchers found that green tea lowers triglyceride concentrations and that helps with the belly fat problem.

Ice Cream

Does anything flavored with green tea serve the same purpose or doesn’t that count. Unfortunately, no, green tea ice cream doesn’t cut it or anything else flavored with green tea flavoring. No such luck, it must be the real thing itself.

Is iced green tea o.k.?  Yes that will work, but remember ice will dilute the tea so it’s not as beneficial.

Flavored green teas are just as effective as the plain green tea. Just make sure there is no added sugar. That will defeat the purpose.

Green tea extract will work well too. One ml green tea extract equals 8-10 cups of green tea, so it’s very concentrated.

Ancient medicine 

Ancient medical practices like the Chinese and Ayurveda centuries ago used green tea for healing many ailments.

It helped with digestion, healing wounds, heart health and also improve mental function. Green tea is full of antioxidants that are more powerful than vitamin C.

It will help lower cholesterol, protect against cancer and heart disease and diabetes. It also calms the nervous system by reducing levels of the stress hormone Cortisol.


Green tea has supposedly many benefits for improved health. It’s been shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in the short term and weight lose in the abdomen area especially. Overall it’s a plus to include it in your diet on a regular basis .

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5 Tips For The Mediterranean Diet- Achieve Success

I’m sure Mediterranean makes you think of white sands, rocky coastline and azure blue water.5 tips mediterranean diet

But here we are  going to discuss  5 tips for the Mediterranean diet to achieve success.  You don’t have to live in Greece, Italy, France, Portugal or Spain to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, because this diet consists of wholesome foods that are readily available anywhere.

It’s been documented that  people from this area benefit in many ways. They enjoy longer life expectancy that other countries, due to the lower levels of disease. The food vary from one country to another, but the theme is similar and the foods are also  similar.

All in all their life style is better balanced. They have very few excesses. That is a key to how they live. Everything in moderation. If they drink wine it is usually at dinner time, if they have “forbidden foods” it’s usually only a small amount and only on special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary. So that is a key that Americans can learn from. Also, no fast foods.

Here are my 5 tips for following this diet.

Tip #1.

They enjoy an abundance of fresh fish. Mostly fish rich in omega-3 is the best. Salmon, trout, sardines, tuna and mackerel are the highest in nutrients and the most popular fish in the Mediterranean diet.

Tip #2.

Use olive oil. Olive oil is a healthy fat as is olives and avocado.

Those that follow the Mediterranean diet usual avoid butter, margarine and clogging saturated fats from cheese and red meats. Eat very minimal amounts of red meats and cheeses.

Tip #3.

Limit dairy, eat cheese sparingly, if at all. Greek yogurt is fine. Milk is full of sugar so avoid that also.

Tip #4.

Avoid processed foods which contain  extra sodium, sugar, fat and additives. Try to eat only pasta, rice, and bread made without processed flour. Today there is many alternatives to processed flour.

Tip #5.

Stay away from sugar or sugar products.teaspoon of sugar

You can have 1-2 glasses of wine with dinner.

Keep active, it’s very important to exercise regularly. It will keep your bones strong and give you a greater since of well-being and also will burn many calories.

This lifestyle will help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood-pressure, diabetes and many cancers.

So the conclusion is to cut back on red meat and switch to protein from chicken, turkey, fish and legumes.

Your diet should consist of fish at least twice a week. Also increase your vegetable intake. Have vegetable soups, large vegetable salads to easily increase your vegetables.

If you do need to indulge in red meat, have a lean cut, like sirloin, strip or flank and limit it to 3-4 ounces.

There are no plans or supplements to buy, just the cost of the healthier foods that you will be purchasing, which is well worth it.

This diet will keep you in great shape, help your organs function properly and improve your skin. Remember it’s mind over matter with dieting. If you think you can or if you think you can’t, it’s true.

If you are interested  in feeling and looking good and  living to a ripe old age than the Mediterranean Diet is the best diet for you.

So clean out the refrigerator and the cupboards and shop for all the fresh vegetables, fruit, olive oil, and fish that will get you started on a path to better health and wellness.

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