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Daily Intermittent Fasting for Women

Taking the guesswork out of Daily Intermittent Fasting for Women

Do you understand intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting or IF for short is not eating for a period of time each day. You skip breakfast and maybe lunch and have dinner in a set time frame. You have an eating frame or window of 3-4 hours.

This daily intermittent fasting article for women is information to help women learn how to do this and it’s easier than you think.daily intermittent fasting for women

Not Complicated

It’s a no nonsense approach to getting the weight off easily and without a lot of fanfare. It’s easy to do, you are not restricted to what type of food you can eat, or really how much food you can eat. Also no counting calories or points. No measuring, just be sensible, remember you are doing this to lose weight and get healthier. Not constantly thinking about or preparing meals.

Just remember if you are doing intermittent fasting for weight loss, than it would be in your best interest to be prudent about your food intake. Don’t stuff yourself  and don’t fill up on high calorie food or junk food. Also watch out for processed foods. You are doing this to get healthy, that is the most important issue.

In fact you might have been doing IF without even realizing it. If you have dinner around 7:00 in the evening and don’t eat again until 7:00 in the morning, you have done about a 12 hour fast. Continue on and skip lunch and you are well on your way to doing a true intermittent fast.


Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting has the effect to awaken a gene that will help you live longer. By losing weight you will improve your health, lower insulin and blood glucose. We all know that getting our weight to a healthy number has a lot of health benefits.daily intermittent fasting for women

Start Today

If it’s early enough in the day, you could start by skipping one meal. Preferably breakfast or lunch. It’s that easy. No special food to buy, no signing up for classes, no mixes or shakes. Instead of a meal, have a cup of chicken broth or green tea. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help with hydration and to help take away hunger and cravings.

Start using intermittent fasting

Here are the different steps to following intermittent fasting.

Method #1

Longer intermittent fasting. Done 1 x2 times a week. It’s a longer fasting time of 24 hours. Stop eating after your evening meal at 6:00 or 7:00 and not eating again until the following evening at the same time. Check out this article.

Method #2

Daily fasting. Eat your evening meal at 6:00 or 7:00. Then don’t eat again until lunch the following day. Make it a light lunch, salad with a light dressing. Eventually you can go longer as your body gets used to less food.intermittent fasting for women

With intermitted fasting, you can expect to lose 2 to 4 pounds a week depending how much weight you have to lose. After you get used to this form of eating  your body will adjust to it and you won’t miss eating during the day and the pounds will melt off. Plus your digestive track will thank you for giving it a much needed rest.

These instructions are not carved in stone. You  can start easy and progress as you see fit.

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How to Lose Weight and Still Eat Chocolate

Do you want to lose some weight but hate to give up your beloved chocolate?

Well guess what, if you are careful you don’t have to!how to lose weight and still eat chocolate

You will have to limit your chocolate to dark chocolate ONLY and use it as a treat and not a diet centered around chocolate. Be sensible and limit your amount to 1 or 2 squares per serving. And limit servings to a few times a week.

Dark chocolate has many health benefits including potassium, magnesium and calcium. So don’t put it on the no-no list.

Some of the benefits of dark chocolate may surprise you.

  1. Lower risk of diabetes
  2. Help reduce high-pressure
  3. Increase brain power
  4. It’s energizing
  5. Helps control blood sugar
  6. Great source of antioxidants

So if you want to eat chocolate, do so, but just make sure it’s the dark kind and not semi-sweet or milk chocolate variety or you will be just adding calories and no benefits.

Calories in calories out

If you want to indulge in chocolate make sure you pick the right kind. It needs to be dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has the highest cocoa content. It should be 60% cocoa, no added sugar and made with cocoa butter. Dark chocolate has the best nutritional value and the most antioxidants of any chocolate. It has the fewest calories and fat, less cholesterol.

Dark chocolate is like a fine wine. It should be savored and not inhaled. Eat slowly and enjoy like you would sip a fine wine.  Enjoy 1-2 squares at a serving a few times a to lose weight and still eat chocolate

Also, check out chocolate drinks. There are many chocolate drinks that contain zero calories and they can satisfy your craving for something chocolate.  Read the labels, but as a precaution if it is mixed with milk, milk contains a lot of sugar, so take that into consideration.

Don’t Drink your calories

If you enjoy soda, pop, or tonic as it’s called in different regions of the country, that’s a big no-no if you want to lose weight.

It might seem innocent enough because it is less filling than food, but watch out,  there are a lot of hidden calories in these drinks. Something like 271 calories in a 8-10 ounce glass. Made from pure sugar, the calories will settle on your hips immediately.

Another no-no is juice, suppose to be the healthy alternative to cola, it has a very high sugar content with very little health benefits.

If you usually drink lots of soda and juice and give it up entirely, you could probably lose 3 to 5 pounds a month. Wouldn’t that be great.

Fiber is Your Friend

Start now indulging in more fresh vegetables and fruit. They are loaded with nutrients, they fill you up and are great for your digestive system. Once you get used to eating more fruit and vegetables, you will fill up quicker and stay full longer, not like junk food , which has no staying power.

Know when you are full

If you ever noticed most heavy people tend to eat very fast. Unfortunately they end up eating too much, because the stomach has not had time to signaled the brain that it is full.

It take some time for the brain to know that you are full, but if you eat fast, you can consume too many calories before the signal reaches the brain.

Some tricks to use that could help slow you down.

  1. Take small bites
  2. Chew completely before swallowing
  3. Use a smaller plate
  4. Put your fork down in between bites

Hopefully, these can help. Eating fast can be a hard habit to break, but it can be done. Remember a habit takes 3 weeks to make it second nature and 3 weeks to break a bad habit. But it is certainly worth the work.

Eat fewer times a day

The U.S. department of Agriculture recommends eating small meals throughout the day, but do we need to be constantly eating. Sometimes you need to give your digestive tract a rest.

That’s where intermittent fasting can be beneficial. If you can condition yourself to eating only once or twice a day it will definitely give you a big boost in the weight loss department.

Whenever we are eating we are putting out digestive system to work and if you eat many times a day you are putting a strain on your body. Our bodies don’t need to digest food all day long.

If you fast, even part of the day, you are giving your digestive system a rest. And as you continue to fast you will need less and less food to satisfy you.


We all need to exercise, skinny or overweight. Exercise does not mean going to the gym and working out until you are exhausted. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and it’s great for the heart. Just 20 minutes a day does wonders for you, also, swimming which is gentler on the joints if a pool is available. So get off the sofa or couch and get moving and you will be surprised how much stronger you will be.

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water fasting

Rapid Weight Loss Tips for Women

I’m sure all of us would like to lose weight as fast as possible. Unfortunately the weight seems to go on quickly and comes off very slowly. This article will give you some rapid weight loss tips for women. And hopefully they will get you started on a successful weight loss journey.water fasting

  1. Eliminate all processed foods. Any food that has a nutritional label, ingredients that you can’t spell or pronounce is a processed food.
  2. Cut out the alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic beverages have many, many calories, plus when you drinks you lose your will-power and start eating foods that you shouldn’t. Plus alcoholic beverages are very dehydrating.
  3.  Add some fiber to your diet. It will fill you up and help your digestive track work better. Glucomannan is a supplement to help make you feel full and help you cut back on the amount you consume.
  4. Get rid of bloat by eating water-based vegetables. Here is a partial list of low-carb vegetables to eat.


CauliflowerRapid weight loss for women







5. Eat potassium- rich fruit like bananas and oranges , they are some of the best. Fruit is very satisfying due to their sweetness,. but you will have to be careful not to eat too much fruit because fruit has a lot of calories and sugar.

But it’s also loaded with fiber. Definitely stay away from fruit juices. Most juices are loaded with sugar and very little fiber.

Juice becomes liquid sugar without any fiber and is instantly absorbed into your blood stream causing a spike in your insulin which will cause weight gain.

6. Water, water everywhere. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It will fill you up and help curb cravings. Also drink a glass of water 1/2 hour before meals to help fill you up so you won’t overeat.

7 Protein Power  Make sure you eat enough protein everyday. Protein is very important in maintaining the functions of the body.

Proteins are needed to repair and build muscles, make antibodies and carry oxygen to all of our cells. Protein is also a major source of energy.

The benefits of eating protein are many. Helps with increasing muscle mass and helps with weight loss.

Here are some delicious food high in protein.


 Lean beef




Nuts and seeds

Proteins helps to boost metabolism and you will stay full longer with less cravings.

Give up sugars and starch rapid weight loss tips for women 

Sugar and starch stimulate secretion of insulin, but when you lower insulin your kidneys release sodium and water which will reduce bloat.

Just think, you could lose up to 10-12 pounds in the first week. And you will see good weight loss as you continue to follow this plan.

Oh, and don’t forget exercise, start slowly and increase it weekly and that will help to increase your rapid weight loss and your overall well-being.

If you do some of these steps, you will see results. If you do all of these steps you will enjoy the benefits of fast weight loss. It will take self-discipline in the beginning, but will be well worth the work involved. Plus the added bonus of doing all you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

If you have had bad eating habits, it will take a concerted effort to change, but think of how much better you will feel.

I wish you much success in your weight loss journey and If you found this article helpful, please comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna.