Popular Activity Bracelets My Review

Have you been thinking of purchasing an activity bracelet for yourself or loved one? Well here is my review of popular activity bracelets.

Hopefully this will help take the mystery out of deciding which one is the best for your needs.

How easy

A watch to track your exercise, heart rate and food intake that will even tell how you are sleeping and when to wake up. Can it get any easier?

There is a large price range for activity trackers, from $19.99 to a couple of hundred. I guess you get what you pay for and how involved you are in keeping yourself fit.

Personally I think it’s very important to stay fit so I’m going to review 3 trackers which are a little on the pricy side. They all have many bells and whistles.

The Fitbit Charge HR Wireless

Price: $119.89 Click here to purchase.

It continuous tracking of heart rate and heart rate zones.

Tracks all your activity, workout, exercise, walking distance (number of steps traveled) and calories used.

It also observes your sleep patterns, with a silent alarm so you don’t disturb other family members.

It comes in 4 colors:girls running race





3 sizes:

Small- 5.4- 6.2

Large 6.2-7.6

Xlarge 7.7- 8-7

Also available is:

2 year protection plan  $12.40

1 year protection plan $9.19

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband

Price: $62.24 Click here to purchase

This bracelet tracks activity in steps, distance, calories burned and minutes.

It observes sleep and how soundly you sleep and has a silent alarm to wake you quietly.

A LED light shows comparisons of your day against what your goals are.

Sync stats wirelessly to your computer and over 150 smart phones.

2 year protection $7.49

1 year protection $5.72

8 colors  

Fitness dance zumba class
Fitness dance zumba class

Black $87.34

Blue $99.95

Pink $79.95

Red $99.00

Slate $85.00

Tangerine $86.99

Teal $84.31

Navy Blue $99.00

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

#1 Best Seller

Price: $289.99 Purchase here

GPS tracking distance, pace, elevation and routes.

Continuous monitoring of heart rate. Also tracks workouts, all daily activity, steps, distance and calories burned, stairs used.

Observes and monitors sleep with a silent alarm for ease in awaking.

Also the capacity to notify text and call messages

Compare this chart on all the benefits of the Fitbit Surge.

Hopefully this review has given you an insight into the different benefits the different activity bracelets have. The difference is minimal and price and fitness activity level will help you determine your choice.

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