The Fast-5 Diet Review

Here we go again.

Here we go again, another diet!

This a review of the Fast-5 Diet. one of the latest ones on the scene. It’s another version of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has become very popular now.

This approach to weight lose has become very popular. I can understand why. After you get a few days under your belt, you don’t think about food as much  and if you don’t have a family to cook for it becomes much of the fast-5 diet

How you do it is quite strict. First of all you have a 5 hour window to eat. That in it self is very hard to do.

One example is you fast from 10:00 in the evening until 5:00 the following evening. Then you have 5 hours to eat. If you overeat you will not lose very fast, but if you follow careful eating habits you will take the weight off.

Needless to say this can be very hard.

Many people start slowly and fast until 1:00 or 2:00, which may be a good way to start, but not me.

I started yesterday in the evening and have not had anything except 1 cup of coffee this morning and tons of water throughout the day . It just turned 5:00 p.m. and I had  2 slices of cheese, while waiting for my of the faast 5-diet

My plan is to follow low-carb during my eating window. So I will see how I do. I have not had any ill effects from not eating all day, except some hunger pangs, which I have been able to deal with.

I’m hoping following the low-carb diet will help me see fast results as I have a doctor’s appointment next month and I would like to see better test scores, like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I will keep you posted.

Any way you lose weight will help with your overall health. If you are very overweight, getting the weight off is critical. being overweight leaves you prone to high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart trouble, stroke, plus various other ailments, including an overall feeling of just not feeling good. You lack the ability to exercise and also to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Getting back to the Fast-5 Diet, during your eating window, supposedly you can eat anything you want during that time, but I would think that if you try to eat carefully and watch junk and processed foods, you will see faster results, plus eating right is so much better for you. You are much better off eating a sensible diet and refraining from processed food and high calorie food. It just makes sense. I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or comment please leave them below and thanks for stopping by. Deanna

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