Six Bad Eating Habits

Eating right

Do you have bad eating habits?

Many of us do and don’t even know it. How can you tell if you have bad eating habits.

First it’s not hard to figure out. If you are overweight or have little energy you probably have a few bad eating habits.Six bad eating habits

  • Eating Fast– Do you tend to gulp your food down and are done eating long before everyone else at the table. The best way to cure that is to take a forkful of food and then put your fork down. Chew that mouthful for 25 times before you swallow. Then pick up your fork and take your next bite. This habit take a while to learn and make it second nature, but it can be done. You will find that you will eat a lot less food this way.
  • Eating During Other Activities– Do start watching your favorite show and the next thing you know you have eaten a package of cookies or a package of chips. The best solution would be to make your kitchen or dining room to be the only place to eat. It takes a good deal of will-power but it works.
  •  Emotional Eating– Do you turn to food when you are happy, sad, tired or stress-out. That is a very common problem, but eating does not solve that problem. Try a different outlet, go for a walk, take a relaxing bath, pick up your favorite book.
  • Binging– Do you eat a whole bag of chips, a quart of ice cream or a bag of cookies at one sitting? Than you are a binge eater. The best approach is portion out the amount that you want and put the rest away. Make sure that you don’t go back for seconds.
  • Grazing– Do you do the cooking? Do you realize that you are picking at the food while you eat? Sometimes you can consume as many calories this way as you would by sitting down to dinner. Try to not taste everything while you are preparing dinner.
  •  Junk Food– Do you know how much junk food you eat in a day. Start taking a Six bad eating habitsmental inventory of what you eat, or better yet, write it down in a journal. Also read your labels. You will be surprised how much sugar and carbs are “healthy foods”. By writing every thing you eat down you have a true picture of just what you are eating.

I hope this article gives you a little insight into looking at our bad eating habits and some simple steps to change our bad habits and learn how to eat healthier.


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