Juice Fasting Is It The Solution For You?

What is juice fasting? Juice fasting is just what it says. Drinking  juice in place of a meal is juice fasting. There are a few  ways you can do juice fasting. Naturally you will lose weight faster by totally juice fasting, but  other options will work also, you just won’t  lose quite as fast. If you are not familiar … Read more

Juicing Recipes

There are many juicing book available, but there are really no rules for what ingredients to use for your juicing recipes. If  you want fast weight loss, than it’s best to stick to the 80% to 20% rule. Eighty percent vegetables and twenty percent fruit. Using more fruit than 20% will increase your sugar consumption and … Read more

Fast Weight Loss By Fasting

The perfect solution for fast fat loss, while keeping a healthy metabolism. Eat Stop Eat is a program (not a diet) that will help cleanse your digestive system and rid your body of unhealthy toxins. You will lose unhealthy fat, without losing energy levels, in fact, your energy levels will increase, and your metabolism will not be … Read more

Learn How To Lose Weight By Juice Fasting

Are you looking for a way to lose weight easily and quickly? Have you tried all the diet pills and different programs available only to gain the weight back and maybe more. Are you tired of trying to starve yourself to only quit after a few days or a couple of weeks. Well if you … Read more

The Fast And Easy Way To Lose Weight.

Are you looking for a fast, simple  way to loss weight, improve your health and feel more energetic. Well you are at the right place. Eat Stop Eat will help you reach your goal for weight loss and improved health. It’s very easy to follow. with no weekly fees or purchasing prepared food. With intermittent fasting, … Read more