Dukan Diet Review

Here is the Dukan Diet Review

NAME: Dukan Diet

Website: dukandiet.com

Price: $29.99 per month

Owners: Dr. Pierre Dukan


 Product Overview: A diet program similar to Atkins. There is a charge and there are various products you can purchase, food, supplements, books, and coaching to name some of them.

It’s a low-carb diet that is quite restrictive in the initial phases. They entice you with the quick, (10 pounds in one week) plan. If you are familiar with Atkins or the South Beach Diet, it is very similar.

I don’t personally know anyone that has been on this program, but it seems like it could work.

The Good: It also has, what I thinks is good way to get back to eating regular food and not gaining the weight back.

The Bad:  Personally I think it’s quite expensive, although no more than any other program out there.

Who is Dukan Diet For? Anyone who is in need of a structured plan to lose weight. I like the fact that a sensible exercise plan is included.

Tools & Training: A boatload of tools and training are available on their website. If you join you will get set up with a personalized program including how much time it will take you to lose the amount you want.

They also will calculate how much you need to lose and how long it will take. 

Support: There is a coaching section available if you feel you need it, for a charge.

On this diet you are told you can lose 10 pounds in the first week following this plan. French general Pierre Dukon created this diet in 2000 which has 4 different phases.Dukan Diet

The first phase or “attack” phase, you eat all the lean protein you want, 1.5 tablespoons oat bran and at least 6 glasses of water.

This is a list of the approved foods that you can eat unlimited amounts of:


Lean meats

Beef tenderloin – filet mignon – buffalo – lean ham – lean kosher hot dogs – lean pork chops – lean roast beef – port tenderloin – pork roast – steaks – London broil – veal chop – veal scaloppini.


Chicken – chicken liver – Cornish hen – fat-free turkey and chicken sausage – low-fat deli meats – ostrich – quail – turkey – wild duck.


artic char – catfish – cod – flounder – grouper – haddock – halibut – herring – mackerel – mahi mahi – monkfish – orange roughy – perch – red snapper- -salmon – sardines – swordfish – seabass – shark – sole – tilapia – trout – tuna.

Shell Fish 

clams – crab – crawfish – lobster – mussels – octopus – oysters – scallops – shrimp – squid.

Vegetarian Proteins

seitan  – soy foods – veggie burgers – tempeh – tofu.

Fat-free Dairy Products
Fat-free cottage cheese, Fat-free cream cheese, Fat-free milk, Fat-free plain Greek style yogurt, Fat-free ricotta, Fat-free sour cream.

Sugar-free gelatin

This is what you are allowed on the first or “attack” phase.

Moving on to the second or “Cruise” phase:

Here is where you will start incorporating vegetables into your diet.dukan diet

This is the list of vegetables allowed on the “cruise” phase

Artichoke – Asparagus – Bean sprouts – Beet – Broccoli – Brussels sprouts – Cabbage – Carrot – Cauliflower – Celery – Cucumber – Eggplant – Endive – Fennel – Green beans – Kale – Lettuce, arugula, radicchio – Mushrooms – Okra – Onions, leeks, shallots – Palm Hearts – Peppers – Pumpkin – Radishes – Rhubarb – Spaghetti squash – Squash – Spinach – Tomato – Turnip – Watercress – Zucchini

Shirataki; From the Attack phase can be used The Konjac root from Asia (China and Japan) is satisfying, rich in fiber, stimulates intestinal transit and has virtually no calories. You can also find konjac in other forms, such as a powder or ‘flour’ and sometimes a gel. You can use any form for Dukan cooking.

  • OLIVE OIL : starting from the cruise phase . Olive oil is  rich in omega 3 fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E (an antioxidant) – necessary for good health. Limited quantity: 1 teaspoon.
  •  GOJI BERRIES : starting from the Attack phase. Limited quantity: Pure Protein days:

1 Tablespoon, Proteins and Vegetables days: 2 Tablespoons.

  •   WHEAT GLUTEN : 4 tablespoons / week (all phases)

Many diets help you lose weight, but very few teach you how to keep it off.  95% of people will usually gain the weight back and even more. This is where phase 3 or Consolidation Phase comes in.

The 3rd phase means the end of weight loss. Here you will gradually incorporate the missing food groups ( fruit, carbs, starch veggies) in the proper sequence so you don’t gain the weight back.

The fourth phase is the Stabilization phase. You need to do these 3 things every day to maintain your new found weight loss.

  1. Consume 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day.
  2. Take the stairs whenever possible daily.
  3. Every Thursday have a pure protein day from the Attack phase.

Final Verdict

If you need support and structure this might be the plan for you. You can purchase food or not so there is some flexibility, more so than some plans and I like the way the diet helps you reintroduce foods so you don’t gain the weight back.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any questions please leave a comment or question below. Thanks, Deanna





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