Here are some of my favorite products that I have used and recommend and some I don’t.

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What about diet pills and supplements?

Do they work? I think if they did everyone that needs to lose weight would take them.

I am not a fan of weight loss supplements. I feel we don’t have the data for how these products affect you in the course of your life. Plus there are so many to out there, which one do you choose?

On Amazon alone there are 28,266 different diet products to pick from. I guess you have to rely on the hype that is written about that particular product.

I will share 3 different products that I found on Amazon and their description and features.

1. Best Safe Weight Loss Supplements – Liporidex MAX Fat Burners – Fat Loss Supplements That Make You Feel Great. All Natural Clinically Proven Ingredients Increase Energy Metabolism & Reduce Appetite. Doctor Formulated Appetite Suppressants & Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplements. 100% Money Back Guarantee. The easy way to safely lose weight fast – 72 diet pills – 1 Box $44.99

2. Incinerator Fat Burning Supplement with CapsimaxTM By Naturo Nitro – Designed for Weight Loss and Mental Focus – A Single, Pre-breakfast Capsule for Serious Day-long Appetite and Weight Control – Ten Clinically Proven, Fat-melting Super-stars, Including Capsimax, That Super-charges Thermogenesis, Along with Nature’s Top Six Fat-vaporizing Compounds – Two Synergistically Paired, Naturally Occurring Brain Stimulants to Calibrate Your Brain for ‘No-excuses’ Fat Loss and Mental Focus – Gives You the Eye of the Tiger and the Body of a Greek God- Weight Loss Energy Supplement for Men and Women, 60 Servings $24.97

3.  Raspberry Ketones 500mg Fresh Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplement Plus Appetite Suppressant Maximum Formula -Premium Quality – Fully Guaranteed By Manga Naturals $19.95

If these pills were a magic formula, there would not be any fat people in the United States.

I personally feel that in order to lose weight and keep it off you have to change your lifestyle and mindset.

My fasting recommendations are for a jump start to help you get on track and boost your morale, with a sensible eating plan after you get some or most of the weight off and a good exercise program.

Hope this was helpful and would love a comment or any questions. Thank you.


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