Jenny Craig Diet Review

Jenny Craig Diet Review

Rank: 11 out 15

Website: www.jennycraig.comJenny Craig review

Bottom Line: Support system to help clients obtain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Specials: $100 special which gives $50 off new enrollment and $50 off in food savings.

Jenny Craig specializes in personalized consultations and in person support.

The emphasis is placed on the food, mind and the body equally.

There are 2 approaches to how you use Jenny Craig.

They have over 450 locations around the United States and if one is convenient to you, you can schedule an appointment and discuss your weight loss goals and your roadblocks to losing weight and take your food with you when you leave.

The other option is Jenny Craig’s Anywhere   program.

You receive weekly phone support from your consultant and have your food shipped to you by FedEx weekly.

Two Price Options

If you have a lot of weight to lose you can opt for the year or more, the All-Access Plan would be the better plan for you. It’s $19.00 a month and a one time enrollment fee of $99.00. Plus the cost of food.

If you stay with Jenny Craig for a year, you can renew for $49.00 for the next year.

As You Go is excellent for someone who wants a month to month commitment and has less weight to lose.

There is no enrollment fee, but the monthly cost is $39.00 a month. Plus the cost of food.

Jenny Craig has a wide assortment of food choices, so there is something for any taste buds.Jenny Craig review

Success Rate

Many people have had great success with this program and highly recommend it. It can be pricy but the ease of following this program might make it worthwhile for you  to get the weight off once and for all.

How ‘s your health?

Losing weight has been proven to help with many health issues. Weight loss can help prevent many conditions like high blood pressure , high cholesterol and diabetes. If you have any of these health problems, check with your doctor before beginning this or any diet program. Any program will definitely help with improved health when you get the weight off.

Need to move

Yes, you need to move. No matter what diet plan you decide to follow, you definitely need to exercise. Exercise, even if it’s just walking to start, will help speed up your weight lose results and will improve your physical and mental well being.

To sum it up

This is a very good program, simple to follow with plenty of support to help along the way. It provides all the nutrients that many people lack in their every day diet like enough fiber, potassium and calcium. So it makes it that much easier when you don’t have to track those things.

Plus they now have cookbooks you can purchase. Click here.

It might be a little more expensive than going it alone, but it might be worth the commitment for your health’s sake.

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