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Which Is Better Diet Or Exercise?


Experts say the best return for your money is cutting calories or burning calories. You cannot just exercise alone, unless you have a very physical job that helps to burn a lot of calories.  And if that were the case you probably would not be reading this article. So which is better diet or exercise? Continue reading to see what I think.

But the amount of exercise to burn off a donut is so long you will get discouraged and not succeed. A donut at Dunkin Donuts is between 300 and 450 calories. It takes 30 minutes of low-impact exercise to burn off a donut. If you weight 155 pounds you will burn approximately 205 calories in 30 minutes. So do the math, you will have to exercise almost an hour to burn off a donut. Is it worth it.  The best approach is a combination of both womanexercise and diet.

Change or improve your habits.

First you need to change your eating habits in order to have good success and long-term results. Exercise alone won’t do it.

Plus eating right is better for your overall health. Eating properly will help to lower blood-pressure, help to prevent or reverse diabetes, improve your heart health, and help prevent or reverse other diseases.

Giving up processed foods, foods loaded with sugar, and sodas will help you have a healthier body. Exercise will enhance your overall well being, give you more energy, and definitely give you a much greater mental outlook.

Also having a proper diet long-term will help ensure proper health and will help to keep the weight off without the yo-yo dieting effect.

Just cutting your portion size, especially the carbs and high fat food will be a big step in the right direction. Add to that increased exercise and you will soon see the benefits without a noticeable strain on your lifestyle.

Little changes make a big difference. The problem is most people want a quick fix and there really isn’t one. Yes you can go on a rigid diet and exercise program, but can you sustain that life style. If you do that for set length of time and then go back to your previous life style and eating habits, you will just gain the weight back.

What works

Losing weight is not the simplest task to achieve, but in the long run the benefits will be well worth it. It’s been proven that it takes 3 weeks to create, change, or quit a habit. So in that length of time you can be well on your road to success. And the rewards will be worth the effort.

If you are a lot overweight it might seem like an insurmountable task to exercise. But if you take baby steps you will be surprised how soon you will see results.

Start slowly, start walking 5 or 10 minutes a couple of times a day and gradually increase walking-150572_640time until you can do a 30 to 45 min walk. Then concentrate on increasing your speed over time. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and you did not get overweight and out of shape overnight. But if you stick to it the rewards will be plenty.

You will be proud of yourself and be setting a great example for your family. But be sure to check with a health care professional before starting and diet or exercise program.

I hope you found this article helpful. If so you can leave me a comment below. Thanks and  contact me below if you have any questions or concerns.



Mind Over Matter

Think positive

First we have to start with our mindset. Our mind is a very powerful tool.abs

It can convince us of many things. If you really are serious about losing weight there are many tools available.

There are many weight loss programs out there, but some of them are very expensive and time-consuming.

Plus once you finish with a formal program you are very likely to regain the weight and maybe more.

There are many simpler ways to help you lose the weight and keep it off for good.

First you need to stop thinking DIET! We should think of a change in lifestyle.


You need to make these steps a habit.

A habit takes twenty-one days to become second nature, but the new habits will set you free.

You will feel like a new person.

Think positively about yourself. Think about all you have accomplished.

Thinking you can do this is a much better way to approach this rather than thinking you can’t do it.

If you think you can’t lose the weight, you won’t.

Think about what you are eating.

Mindless Eating

Many times we eat without thinking about it at all.

It’s very important to be aware of what you eat how often and when.

It’s best to eat all your meals at a dining table and not in front of a television or computer.

It will make you more aware of what and how much you have eaten.

Positive Mindset

Think of yourself as being slim and attractive looking.

The more you think it, the sooner it will happen.

Don’t think o.k. on Monday I’ll start a diet.

Don’t sabotage yourself by over eating until Monday.

So if you go off your good eating don’t just go on eating non-stop until Monday, curb it right now. 

 Start right now while you are reading this article.

Go to different, well-known diet websites and read all their success stories. This will help you to think, “if they can do it, so can I.”

Start being aware of everything you put in your mouth.


Start by not eating in between meals. That was a hard one for me.

I was a “grazer”

Start by cutting out everything white, except cauliflower. Give up white potatoes, breads, starchy vegetables, and all processed foods.

Also anything containing sugar.

Be aware and read labels.

Look for anything in the list of ingredients ending in “lose.” It’s most likely a sugar or sugar by-product.

Try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

They are better for you and do not contain any preservatives.

Always have a small portion of protein with every meal and try to stop snacking a lot. Allow yourself one snack per day.

Keep a food journal and record everything that you eat, and the amount.

You will be surprised at how much we consume without being aware.

If you eat until you feel stuffed, you have over eaten.

Try cutting your portions sizes in half, and eat slowly.

Put your fork down in between bites. Fill up on salads and vegetables.

The fiber is very good for your digestive tract.

Finally, get moving.

You don’t have to join a gym or buy expensive equipment.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, take a walk, even if you can only walk for a short time.

It’s just important to get started. You will be surprised how soon you will be able to add more and more time to your walk.

As the pounds slip away you will feel very good about what you have accomplished. So just get started and congratulations ahead of time on your success.

If you want to jump-start your weight loss try fasting, intermittent fasting or juice fasting.

All three have shown great results very quickly.

You will be surprised at the amount of weight you will lose in a short period of time.

Plus it very good for you overall health.

If you would like, please leave a comment below.