The Better Way To Juice With A Vitamix 6300

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This is my review of the Vitamix Blender. We will review if the better way to juice with a Vitamix 6300 is better than a regular juicer.

Product: Vitamix 6300 BlenderThe better way to juice

Price: Was $640.00 Now $570.00

Best place to purchase: Amazon

Container size: 64 ounces

Guarantee: 7 year full warranty

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

                                                   Product Overview

I start every day with a Vitamix  veggie and fruit drink. It is healthy and filling and really all I need to satisfy me for the morning.

Thanks to the Vitamix  I consume more fruit and vegetables in one drink  than I could the  whole day by cooking the veggies and eating the fruit whole. Plus it’s much quicker. But there is the debate if you are better off to use a juicer to prevent the fiber from getting in the juice or using a blender with the fiber in your juice.

I think if you need to rest your digestive track a juicer is the way to go. But if not, a Vitamix is simpler to use and also simpler to clean up, plus less waste.

Some experts say that your digestive track will clean itself and you don’t need to eliminate the pulp from the  juice. I will leave that up to you to decide what is best in your case.

                                                   Keep it simple

With the Vitamix blender,you have the ability to keep your kitchen neater. The Vitamix takes the place of many other appliances and tools so you can declutter your kitchen. It’s amazing what this blender can do.

If you enjoy a smoothie a smoothie made in a Vitamix  are are 5 times smoother than from any  other blenders. This blender is so powerful it can make delicious  soup in under 10 minutes. So much better than the canned soups.


Clean up is a snap

Just add warm water, a drop of dish soap and run on high speed for 60 seconds. Rinse with clear warm water and let dry. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

                                       To scrape or not to scrape

With the Vitamix you don’t have to scrape the sides of the blender container. It is so powerful scraping is not necessary. But the Vitamix comes with a tamper to help process the most hard to blend foods like peanut butter in the least amount of time, without having to scrape the container.

Due to the unique blending process and the power behind the Vitamix, you are able to use all the juice and fiber that juicers cannot give you, making it more nutritious and less wasteful.

                                       Consider the cost factor

Yes, the Vitamix is quite expensive, but so are many of the better juicers on the market. But if you were to purchase bottled and prepared juices for daily consumation, you could pay for a Vitamix in a short length of time. Plus all the additional functions it’s capable of.

An average cost per week for one person would be about $35.00 a week. That adds up fast, especially if you have a family. Also you know what is in the smoothie that you make at home. All your ingredients are fresh and ripe and picked by you.


The  versatility of the Vitamix  is another great selling point. It comes with it’s own cookbook, so you can make ice cream, sorbets, peanut butter, hot soups, grind flours, coffees, or make nut butters.

View this video here.

                                             My conclusion

I love the Vitamix 6300. It is a great product and will last for many years to come. Not like the cheap blenders that you might get 2 years out of and not the versatility or great performance that you get with the Vitamix.

Let’s face it, you get what you pay for.

For optimum health for you and your family, I highly recommend the Vitamix 6300.

You can purchase it at Costco’s when they have a sale, if you are a member or online, like I prefer, at Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed this review and if I can answer any questions please feel free to contact me below. Thank you, Deanna. 


6 thoughts on “The Better Way To Juice With A Vitamix 6300

  1. Thanks for reviewing this juicer, I will check it out. Amazing 7 year warranty. Like you said, some juicers only last a year or so.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that the vitamix can make out things such as ice cream and sorbets. It’s very versatile!
    I just use a regular blender now for making my shakes and I hate the fact that I have to scrape the sides and mess around with it. The cost is the only thing that is stopping me… perhaps I’ll ask Father Christmas to get me one! lol

  3. Great review of this product! I have never had a good blender and am thinking of upgrading at some point. I’m especially interested about the hot soup ability the blender has. Does it actually have a heater inside to cook the soup? Or does it just warm it? I’ve never heard of that for a blender! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds like a blender that will help me regain my health. I have a chronic muscle disease, how heavy is this blender? My hands do not work very good. What kind of controls are there? Are they push button or touch? I see knobs in the picture, do they turn easily?

  5. I have wanted a Vitamix for a very long time, but I just have not been able to justify it yet…at least as long as my other appliances are still around.

    I have been using a regular juicer, and I have to say that there is no better way to get a quick injection of vitamins and minerals as fresh, home prepared juice.

    I have found that if the pulp is left in the juice it can cause digestive troubles if you are fasting. A quick way around this is to strain it.

  6. Thank you for this great review.
    It’s funny how you’re looking for a product and the internet ocean takes you to a better product you didn’t even know exisit.

    Also thank you for linking to Amazon, it’s indeed the cheapest place!

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