What do you know about fasting?

I would like to explain a little bit about fasting as I’ve learned it. There are many different types of fasting. Total food fasting, intermittent fasting, and juice fasting.

Total fasting is just as it says, no food for a certain amount of time. Just water, no juices,water coffee, tea or sodas. It works to help you lose weight very fast.

The less drastic approach is Intermittent fasting which is going for a certain amount of time with out any food. It can be 24 hours , 18 hours or any different time frames that work for you.

Fasting is the act of making a determined effort to refraining from eating solid food for a length of time.

Fasting has been used for many years for religious reasons.

Mormonism, Islam(Ramadan),Judaism,Christianity and Buddhism are some of the religions that follow fasting practices.


There are many benefits to fasting for a extended length of time. The benefits help reduced the  risk of heart disease, diabetes, slows the  aging process, lowers inflammation  and most importantly helps with rapid weight loss. Plus you stop thinking of food all the time.

Water fasting

Water fasting is just that, water and nothing else. It definitely quite hard to do, if you have never done it before. but you must get prepared for your fast. For one week cut out red meat, sugar, processed foods, sodas. and alcohol. This will prepare your body and help start the detox.

Start the first week by giving up one meal a day. For some people it’s breakfast and others it’s lunch.  Whatever works for you.  Substitute water, the purest available. By doing this you will experience less side effects and be ready for your total water fast next. You might have problems with hunger pains, but they will subside in a couple of days. It is recommended to only water fast for 3 days without medical supervision. You can also use club soda along with regular water.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is fasting for a certain length of time. We all fast for a certain amount of time. When we go to sleep at night we fast until we arise in the morning and have breakfast, (break-fast) which means we are breaking the fast.

So if you want to do intermittent fasting don’t eat breakfast and try to abstain from food for as long as possible. The optimum intermittent fast would be to not eat until your evening meal.

But that means no juices, fruit or any food until evening. You can have coffee, tea and plenty of water.

With this form of fasting you might need to gradually build up to only eating the evening meal.

Another form is a 24 hour fast a couple of times a week. This might be difficult at first but as you continue your body will adjust.

The important thing to remember is when you do eat, eat only until comfortably full. Don’t stuff yourself, or you will be defeating the purpose of the fast.

And always check with your health care provider before starting any fasting program.

 Juicing is the third method of fasting.

If you are not familiar with juicing, there are many different approaches.
You can juice fast for all your meals and snacks.

Juice fasting is just juicing and no solid food.
smoothie Or you can juice fast one day a week or 2-3 days a week.

You can juice fast for 2 meals a day and eat fruit and vegetables for dinner.
It’s recommended that you use only fresh vegetables and fruits for your meal to help you with your toxic cleanse.
There are many different ways to fast, depending on what you are comfortable with.
Set a goal for yourself, how long you want to fast or how much weight you want to loss.
A week before you start a fast, you should rid your body of all junk food, coffee, red meat, soda and alcohol.
If you need to lose weight, just juicing for a week would be a good way to start.
This will get your body detoxed and cleansed.
If you have a lot of weight to lose, you could lose 12 to 15 pounds in the first week, depending on how well you follow the juicing plan and how much you are overweight.
When you are finished juice fasting, don’t go back to eating the way you did before.
Start out eating raw, fresh fruits and juice

Eat lightly to get you body used to food again.
If you don’t you might get ill or you will gain some of the weight back and reintroduce bad habits.
And all that hard work will be for nothing, I know I did that on my first fast.
As far as a juicer, make sure you purchase one that is easy to clean and operate.

If you need to purchase a juicer read my post Which juicer is best for you to learn the difference between juicers.

Do not use a blender as that will incorporate fiber making your drink a smoothie.
You don’t need extra fiber, as it will make you digestive system work harder.
Juicing has many benefits.
It will make your skin clearer, improve your immune system, you will sleep better and you will have more energy.
I hope I answered some of your questions about juicing.
Also a very good documentary by Joe Cross titled “Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead” is a very good film about juicing.

Make sure you check with your health care provider before starting any exercise program or diet.

If you have any comment or questions please leave them below. Thanks, Deanna


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  1. Hi Deanna,

    This is awesome information!
    I’ve been fasting for the last 5 years. My preferred method is the water fast 😮
    But I’ve also done the others.

    In the beginning, my fasting was for spiritual reasons, however I soon began to understand the physical healing that can take place too.

    Since fasting and change of diet, I’ve definitely renewed my energy and experienced healing spiritually and physically.

    As you have suggested, if going on an extended water fast. I would definitely recommend having some medical supervision. I went it alone but by the grace of God survived. However, I still experienced much healing through the process.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing this great info!

    Blessings to you,


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