Review of Mayo Clinic Diet

Introduction to the Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a healthy approach to weight loss and maintaining your proper weight for the long term. It’s not a quick-fix diet. Here is the review of the Mayo Clinic Diet.

You can lose up to 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks, by changing bad, unhealthy habits and forming new and better ones.

This diet, developed by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota guides you in your weight loss journey.

Developed by health professionals, you are taught a healthy approach by the medical experts. How to make better food choices, proper portions and adding an exercise program.low diet fat food

“Lose it “

The first phase is the “Lose it phase ” which will jumpstart your weight loss journey helping you to lose weight quicker in the very beginning to help encourage you to stick with the program. Good incenitive.

You are taught 5 healthy habits to incorporate and 5 unhealthy habits to get rid of, and then 5 more healthy bonus habits to add. You will change your daily routine by breaking bad habits and adding good habits ( more fruits and vegetables). Being mindful of when you are eating and how much. This weight loss program is a simple and realistic approach to getting the weight off for good, and keeping it off for the long haul.

Getting started:

What you will eat in the first 2 weeks. will help you find your motivation to lose weight by setting goals and handling cravings.

This program focuses on making life style changes so you will not have to “diet” again.You will learn how to completely change your approach to food and dieting.



whole grainspicture of mindset

lean proteins

olive oil and nuts

limited sweets

No alchol during this phase and only 75 calories a day in the “Live it ” to lose weight and still eat chocolate

“Live It” Phase

This is the second phase of the Mayo Clinic Diet. This phase you incorporate for the rest of your life. That will ensure that you will continue with weight loss at a healthy pace and continue to eat the correct amount of foods and exercise to keep yourself at optimum levels for your age.

You are educated on making healthy food choices and proper portions.

You will receive support as you navagiate through this phase. You can expect to lose about 1-2 pounds per week and your focus will be largely on fruits and vegetables plus low fat protein. You will be encouraged to exercise on a regular schedule to maintain a very healthy body.

Fitness dance zumba class
Fitness dance zumba class

Does it work?

Yes, like any weight loss plan, if you cut your calories and increase your physical activity you are on the road to lose weight.

This is not a quick weight loss diet plan, but a very sensible approach to healthy living. Also, very helpful in preventing health issues like, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes.

This diet’s focus is on what you eat, how much you weight and your overall health and current lifestyle. It address what you might need to change. If you are overweight, let’s face it, something needs to change if you have a weight problem.


Online support is available for $5.00 per week, paid quarterly for $65. You can also purchase Mayo Clinic Diet Books from Amazon.


For more hands on help, join the Mayo Clinic website and you will have access to all it’s many tools, including meal plans, recipes, tracking tools and fitness plans.


A sensible aproach to weight-loss. Not a quick fix which in most cases don’t work for the long haul. You want a weight lose program you can live with each and everyday, not a starvation diet, that make you want to eat anything that comes into view.

An easy to follow plan with an emphasis on healthy food choices like fish, vegetables and fruit. Without the high fat processed foods and the sugar laden sweets that just leave you craving more.


This program is availabe in an app and if you are not computer savvy it might not be for you.

Some of the tools recommended can be found on the internet free of charge, making it much more affordable.


This program has been very successful for most of it’s users, which are many. It’s very easy to follow and helps to promote weight loss in a very healthy way. No “quick fix”. Like lose 20 pounds in 20 days, which are very unrealistic sales tactics.

Developed by the Mayo Clinic, a very prestigious hospital in Minnesota, and designed by it’s very reputable staff makes it very legitimate and worth looking at.

Thanks for reading this article and if you have any comments please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, thank you, Deanna


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