Diet Supplements-Do They Help

Diet Supplement

The obesity in this country is out of control. At least 45 million people are dieting in the U.S. and we just keep getting fatter and fatter. Everyone is looking for the quick fix. So let’s start taking a diet pill. That’s a good quick fix or is it? Diet supplements do they help or not?

Are diet pills bad for you?are diet pills bad for you

Most of the time probably yes.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the ads for diet supplements. Unfortunately supplements are not regulated by the food and drug administration, so they can claim any miracle and not have to show any prove of their claims.

They are all over the television and the internet. Plus you can’t pick up a magazine without seeing the weight-loss ads on almost every page.


is supposable made from the tamarind fruit native to Africa, Asia and India. The claims of the makers of this pill say that it can double or triple your weight loss over diet and exercise. I wonder if this is true. If you are interested in this product, you can find it at Amazon.are diet supplements good for you

SENSAare diet pills bad for you

Sensa has a very innovative a concept. Rather than take a pill before you eat you sprinkle the product on your food. One for savory food and one for sweet food. It has a rating of 2.8. start with a money-back guarantee. Their claim is that it tells the brain that you are full. I’m not sold that this works because it usually takes your brain 20 -30 minutes to register if you are full. Plus how many of us stop eating just when we are full. Not me. if the food is good I want to keep eating.

Green coffee bean diet pills

Made by Nature wise green coffee bean diet pills are made with chlorogenic acids, decaffeinated  coffee extract. 1 capsule equals 1 cup of decaf coffee. This product is made in the U.S.A. by strict GMP standards. Because it contains decaf coffee beans you will not get the jitters. It may inhibit the production of body fat.

Weight-loss pills or anti- obesity drugs are given by a doctor for the treatment of obesity. Do they help? Most instructions say to cut back on fatty foods and increase your exercise. You can do that without taking a pill.

If you are overweight, consult your doctor about a treatment plan to help you lose the extra weight. He or she could very well recommend you see a dietitian instead of medication. If you are very obese he might prescribe pills to get you on the right track.

Playing with fire.

If you are trying to do it alone be careful. You could be playing with fire. Depending on your health, over the counter diet pills or supplements can be very dangerous.

First off the maker does not have to tell you what is in their pills and what is sometimes in them is detrimental to your health.

Also you can become addicted to them when you have to keep increase the dosages to get the results you want but can’t seem to obtain. Most diet pills contain a product that increases your energy and when your body gets used to that you will need to increase the amount to get the same feeling of energy.

My suggestion to you is cut back on fat, processed foods, junk food and start moving. You will surely see results in very little time.

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