Green Tea – How It Helps

Have you ever tried green tea when trying to lose weight? This article will tell you about using green tea, the benefits and how it can tea how it helps

Fasting and detox

When you are trying to fast and start getting hunger pangs, green tea can help curb those pangs and gives you a good boost of energy besides. It also helps with the symptoms of the detox process which normally occurs during a water or juice fast.

If you are working while doing a fast, more energy may be needed and that’s where green tea comes in handy. Most people have to maintain a busy work schedule even if they want to fast to improve their health and lose weight. Green tea is very good for satisfying cravings, and giving you the needed boost to help you refrain from eating or cheating.

I found drinking green tea gave me a lot of energy that I don’t have on just a water or juice fast.

Plus green tea helps you lose the belly fat quickly, and who doesn’t want that.

There are many teas available that tout the powers to help with weight loss, but from my research the best one is green tea. Researchers found that green tea lowers triglyceride concentrations and that helps with the belly fat problem.

Ice Cream

Does anything flavored with green tea serve the same purpose or doesn’t that count. Unfortunately, no, green tea ice cream doesn’t cut it or anything else flavored with green tea flavoring. No such luck, it must be the real thing itself.

Is iced green tea o.k.?  Yes, that will work, but remember ice will dilute the tea so it’s not as beneficial.

Flavored green teas are just as effective as the plain green tea. Just make sure there is no added sugar. That will defeat the purpose.

Green tea extract will work well too. One ml green tea extract equals 8-10 cups of green tea, so it’s very concentrated.

Ancient medicine 

Ancient medical practices like the Chinese and Ayurveda centuries ago used green tea for healing many ailments.

It helped with digestion, healing wounds, heart health and also improve mental function. Green tea is full of antioxidants that are more powerful than vitamin C.

It will help lower cholesterol, protect against cancer and heart disease and diabetes. It also calms the nervous system by reducing levels of the stress hormone Cortisol.


Green tea has supposedly many benefits for improved health. It’s been shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in the short term and weight lose in the abdomen area especially. Overall it’s a plus to include it in your diet on a regular basis .

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