Heal Naturally With Fasting

Want to improve your overall health?

For thousands of years fasting has been used to help the body heals and also for many religious beliefs.

Even though today, modern medicine has treated medical conditions from the outside in, fasting can help heal medical conditions from the inside out by building healthier new cells and destroying diseased cell to help heal your body.heal naturally with fasting

Fasting intensifies healing, as the energy  used to digest food can now be used  to help rebuild your damaged cells. While you fast the body is eliminating dead cells, fat deposits which get used as fuel or eliminated as waste.

The many benefits of fasting

Fasting helps clear up allergies, relieves arthritis pain, helps heal digestive disorders, clears skin problems, helps with heart disease, asthma, and high blood pressure. Fasting helps the body start its own healing process and most ailments will show signs of improvement. Sounds better than pills any day. But, always check with your health care professional first.

Fasting allows the system a much needed rest. Plus the energy not used to digest food  goes into healing and repair. Fasting will also helps to extend your life.

When animals are sick

When animals are sick or hurt they will naturally fast to help the healing process. When humans are ill they lose their desire for food and therefore are giving your system a much needed rest.

  • heal minor health disorders
  • cleanse the body of toxins
  • stimulate cell growth
  • help with weight loss
  • more energy
  • improve skin tone
  • improve mental sharpness
  • improve hormonal balance
  • strengthen immune systems

That’s enough good reasons to start water fasting.

Better healthheal naturally by fasting

So with weight loss, what can you hope to achieve? There are many benefits , they far out weight the negatives. First, how much weight can you hope to lose? Depending on how long you do a fast or water fast. Fasting will improve your health more than pills and medicine. Don’t be afraid to try fasting. It can improve your immune system and give you more energy.

Personally I think you  should always drink water during a fast, it keeps you hydrated and fills you up. Also a cup of chicken broth midday helps with the hunger pangs.

But you must prep yourself before beginning this type of diet.  One week before beginning the water fasting plan, start detoxing your body so you can make a smoother transition into the water fasting diet.

During this week, cut out red meat, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes. This will help to start the detoxing with less uncomfortable side effects.

Now to the weight loss, water fasting will flush out your system very quickly. You can expect to lose up to 1-3 pounds a day with a water fast.  But you must be careful when you finish your fast.

Start slowly

Start eating very carefully. Have some vegetables and fruit to start. Slowly add other foods, but watch the scale, if you see you are gaining, cut back. You don’t want to undo all the hard work you have done to get the weight off.

If you are obese or very overweight I definitely encourage you to try a water fast. The first few days are the hardest. But you will be very glad you did when you see the results.

And the hunger pangs and  cravings for food will diminish within a few days. Personally, I love the results. You don’t have to count calories, buy food, cook food unless you have a family. Maybe you can enlist someone to pitch in and do the cooking for you.

In a short two – week period you could lose 18 – 20 pounds if you are 50 pounds or plus over weight. Even fasting for less time you can see a significant weight loss. Plus you will feel healthier and will be healthier as you are reducing the risk of many chronic diseases. Others will say it’s only water, you will gain it right back when you start to eat again, well that’s true if you go back to the bad eating habits you had before.

Now is the time to correct all the bad habits that you had and embrace a clean food mentality. Eat wholesome, natural, unprocessed foods to keep your body healthy.

Word to the wise

After you finish your fast, please don’t go back to eating like you did before the fast. Start slowly and add food very carefully.

Stay away from processed foods, red meats, sugars, diet drinks and alcohol.

Big weight loss

After the fast and a substantial amount of weight loss, then make a   commitment to yourself to improve your diet by eating healthier, better balanced diet. And don’t be afraid to do the same program over again. Also there are other types of fasting programs to incorporate into your lifestyle that can give variety.  Intermittent fasting is another less strict approach to improving your health is another option.  I hope you have great success in your improved health  and weight loss journey.

If you have and questions or comment, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.. Thanks, Deanna

4 thoughts on “Heal Naturally With Fasting”

  1. Fasting sounds very much like a “tool” which I would like to add to my weight loss toolbox. Have never really used it in the past but your article on fasting made a good impression on me and made me feel like, “hey, this is something to look at, for the future.” I think I might struggle to implement something like this for a long-ish period but couldn’t one just start with short periods? Like maybe, fast just for a morning to start and then gradually build up? Do you think that fasting is dangerous to our health? When you mention a water fast, might this be interpreted as not drinking water or drinking water more often as a means to subdue the hunger pangs? How long would you suggest would be the longest one should fast for? Are there such things as a grape fast or an apple fast, or does fasting mean, no solid food at all?
    I enjoyed reading your article. Many thanks. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hi Roy, Fasting can be anything you want. You should start out slow, like a few hours for the first time and then increase your time. A water fast means only drinking water for the duration of your fast. A fast means no solid food but, there are juice fasts and intermittent fasting. The length of time is entirely up to the individual as to how you feel and what you are hoping to accomplish.
      Thanks for your comment and questions, Deanna

  2. Very nice informative artcle about weight loss and other health benifit from fasting. Also nice video about fasting mistakes. keep up the good work.


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