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Daily Intermittent Fasting for Women

Taking the guesswork out of Daily Intermittent Fasting for Women

Do you understand intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting or IF for short is not eating for a period of time each day. You skip breakfast and maybe lunch and have dinner in a set time frame. You have an eating frame or window of 3-4 hours.

This daily intermittent fasting article for women is information to help women learn how to do this and it’s easier than you think.daily intermittent fasting for women

Not Complicated

It’s a no nonsense approach to getting the weight off easily and without a lot of fanfare. It’s easy to do, you are not restricted to what type of food you can eat, or really how much food you can eat. Also no counting calories or points. No measuring, just be sensible, remember you are doing this to lose weight and get healthier. Not constantly thinking about or preparing meals.

Just remember if you are doing intermittent fasting for weight loss, than it would be in your best interest to be prudent about your food intake. Don’t stuff yourself  and don’t fill up on high calorie food or junk food. Also watch out for processed foods. You are doing this to get healthy, that is the most important issue.

In fact you might have been doing IF without even realizing it. If you have dinner around 7:00 in the evening and don’t eat again until 7:00 in the morning, you have done about a 12 hour fast. Continue on and skip lunch and you are well on your way to doing a true intermittent fast.


Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting has the effect to awaken a gene that will help you live longer. By losing weight you will improve your health, lower insulin and blood glucose. We all know that getting our weight to a healthy number has a lot of health benefits.daily intermittent fasting for women

Start Today

If it’s early enough in the day, you could start by skipping one meal. Preferably breakfast or lunch. It’s that easy. No special food to buy, no signing up for classes, no mixes or shakes. Instead of a meal, have a cup of chicken broth or green tea. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help with hydration and to help take away hunger and cravings.

Start using intermittent fasting

Here are the different steps to following intermittent fasting.

Method #1

Longer intermittent fasting. Done 1 x2 times a week. It’s a longer fasting time of 24 hours. Stop eating after your evening meal at 6:00 or 7:00 and not eating again until the following evening at the same time. Check out this article.

Method #2

Daily fasting. Eat your evening meal at 6:00 or 7:00. Then don’t eat again until lunch the following day. Make it a light lunch, salad with a light dressing. Eventually you can go longer as your body gets used to less food.intermittent fasting for women

With intermitted fasting, you can expect to lose 2 to 4 pounds a week depending how much weight you have to lose. After you get used to this form of eating  your body will adjust to it and you won’t miss eating during the day and the pounds will melt off. Plus your digestive track will thank you for giving it a much needed rest.

These instructions are not carved in stone. You  can start easy and progress as you see fit.

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water fasting

Rapid Weight Loss Tips for Women

I’m sure all of us would like to lose weight as fast as possible. Unfortunately the weight seems to go on quickly and comes off very slowly. This article will give you some rapid weight loss tips for women. And hopefully they will get you started on a successful weight loss journey.water fasting

  1. Eliminate all processed foods. Any food that has a nutritional label, ingredients that you can’t spell or pronounce is a processed food.
  2. Cut out the alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic beverages have many, many calories, plus when you drinks you lose your will-power and start eating foods that you shouldn’t. Plus alcoholic beverages are very dehydrating.
  3.  Add some fiber to your diet. It will fill you up and help your digestive track work better. Glucomannan is a supplement to help make you feel full and help you cut back on the amount you consume.
  4. Get rid of bloat by eating water-based vegetables. Here is a partial list of low-carb vegetables to eat.


CauliflowerRapid weight loss for women







5. Eat potassium- rich fruit like bananas and oranges , they are some of the best. Fruit is very satisfying due to their sweetness,. but you will have to be careful not to eat too much fruit because fruit has a lot of calories and sugar.

But it’s also loaded with fiber. Definitely stay away from fruit juices. Most juices are loaded with sugar and very little fiber.

Juice becomes liquid sugar without any fiber and is instantly absorbed into your blood stream causing a spike in your insulin which will cause weight gain.

6. Water, water everywhere. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It will fill you up and help curb cravings. Also drink a glass of water 1/2 hour before meals to help fill you up so you won’t overeat.

7 Protein Power  Make sure you eat enough protein everyday. Protein is very important in maintaining the functions of the body.

Proteins are needed to repair and build muscles, make antibodies and carry oxygen to all of our cells. Protein is also a major source of energy.

The benefits of eating protein are many. Helps with increasing muscle mass and helps with weight loss.

Here are some delicious food high in protein.


 Lean beef




Nuts and seeds

Proteins helps to boost metabolism and you will stay full longer with less cravings.

Give up sugars and starch rapid weight loss tips for women 

Sugar and starch stimulate secretion of insulin, but when you lower insulin your kidneys release sodium and water which will reduce bloat.

Just think, you could lose up to 10-12 pounds in the first week. And you will see good weight loss as you continue to follow this plan.

Oh, and don’t forget exercise, start slowly and increase it weekly and that will help to increase your rapid weight loss and your overall well-being.

If you do some of these steps, you will see results. If you do all of these steps you will enjoy the benefits of fast weight loss. It will take self-discipline in the beginning, but will be well worth the work involved. Plus the added bonus of doing all you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

If you have had bad eating habits, it will take a concerted effort to change, but think of how much better you will feel.

I wish you much success in your weight loss journey and If you found this article helpful, please comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna.

Heal Naturally With Fasting

For thousands of years fasting has been used to help the body heals and also for many religious beliefs.

Even though today, modern medicine has treated medical conditions from the outside in, fasting can help heal medical conditions from the inside out by building healthier new cells and destroying diseased cell to help heal your body.heal naturally with fasting

Fasting intensifies healing, as the energy  used to digest food can now be used  to help rebuild your damaged cells. While you fast the body is eliminating dead cells, fat deposits which get used as fuel or eliminated as waste.

The many benefits of fasting

Fasting helps clear up allergies, relieves arthritis pain, helps heal digestive disorders, clears skin problems, helps with heart disease, asthma, and high blood pressure. Fasting helps the body start its own healing process and most ailments will show signs of improvement.

Fasting allows the system a much needed rest. Plus the energy not used to digest food  goes into healing and repair. Fasting will also helps to extend your life.

When animals are sick

When animals are sick or hurt they will naturally fast to help the healing process. When humans are ill they lose their desire for food and therefore are giving your system a much needed rest.

  • heal minor health disorders
  • cleanse the body of toxins
  • stimulate cell growth
  • help with weight loss
  • more energy
  • improve skin tone
  • improve mental sharpness
  • improve hormonal balance
  • strengthen immune systems

That’s enough good reasons to start water fasting.

Better healthheal naturally by fasting

So with weight loss, what can you hope to achieve? There are many benefits , they far out weight the negatives. First, how much weight can you hope to lose? Depending on how long you do a fast or water fast. Fasting will improve your health more than pills and medicine. Don’t be afraid to try fasting. It can improve your immune system and give you more energy.

Personally I think you  should always drink water during a fast, it keeps you hydrated and fills you up. Also a cup of chicken broth midday helps with the hunger pangs.

But you must prep yourself before beginning this type of diet.  One week before beginning the water fasting plan, start detoxing your body so you can make a smoother transition into the water fasting diet.

During this week, cut out red meat, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes. This will help to start the detoxing with less uncomfortable side effects.

Now to the weight loss, water fasting will flush out your system very quickly. You can expect to lose up to 1-3 pounds a day with a water fast.  But you must be careful when you finish your fast.

Start eating very carefully. Have some vegetables and fruit to start. Slowly add other foods, but watch the scale, if you see you are gaining, cut back. You don’t want to undo all the hard work you have done to get the weight off.

If you are obese or very overweight I definitely encourage you to try a water fast. The first few days are the hardest. But you will be very glad you did when you see the results.

And the hunger pangs and  cravings for food will diminish within a few days. Personally, I love the results. You don’t have to count calories, buy food, cook food unless you have a family. Maybe you can enlist someone to pitch in and do the cooking for you.

In a short two – week period you could lose 18 – 20 pounds if you are 50 pounds or plus over weight. Even fasting for less time you can see a significant weight loss. Plus you will feel healthier and will be healthier as you are reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.

Word to the wise

After you finish your fast, please don’t go back to eating like you did before the fast. Start slowly and add food very carefully.

Stay away from processed foods, red meats, sugars, diet drinks and alcohol.

Big weight loss

After the fast and a substantial amount of weight loss, then make a   commitment to yourself to improve your diet by eating healthier, better balanced diet. And don’t be afraid to do the same program over again. Also there are other types of fasting programs to incorporate into your lifestyle that can give variety.  Intermittent fasting is another less strict approach to improving your health is another option.  I hope you have great success in your improved health  and weight loss journey.

If you have and questions or comment, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.. Thanks, Deanna

5 Best Diet Tips For 2017- These Can Help

So what are the 5 best diet tips to follow in 2017?

Ushering out the old year and in with the new always gives people a sense of new beginnings and many people will include weight loss and getting fit in their new years resolutions. This is very typical for most of us.

Best diet tips

So here are my five best tips to get you off to a great start for 2017.

Lifestyle change 

  1. Life style change: To help you achieve success don’t start off with the mind-set that “you are going on a diet”. That’s where the problem lies. Diets are a short term solution for the underlying problem. The long-term goal is to lose the weight and keep it off for good by eating healthier. That doesn’t mean you  can’t have something sweet or sinful once in a while. You can, but remember calories in and calories out.

Stop when full

2. Stop when full: If you were driving a car and had a fender bender you wouldn’t back up and hit the car again, would you? The same thing applies to eating the wrong foods. If you have a lapse and eat a cookie, that doesn’t mean that you have to eat the whole batch. Stop with one and get right back on track. It’s not the end of the world.

What foods to eat5 diet tips

3. What foods to eat: When starting on this new way to eat, try to think as close to nature as possible. Eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, seafood and fish. Cook without coatings and sauces. Limit yourself on processed food, in fact try to cut them out entirely, if you can. Once you have eliminated these foods for a while you will stop craving them. The Mediterranean Diet is a great example to follow without it feeling like serious dieting.

Incorporate Actively

4. Incorporate Actively: You don’t have to run a marathon or swim 50 laps or ride a bike for 40 miles. Just get started doing something. If you have been sedentary for a long time or are very overweight, always get approval from your health care provider. Then start slow. So many people start out with a bang and quit because it hurts. Make it enjoyable.

If you haven’t walked in a long time, start with a 15 minute walk for a week and keep adding 5 minutes more per week, until you can do 30 minutes at a time. You will be surprised at how great you will feel.

Be patient

Be Patient: Remember you did not get overweight overnight and it will take time and perseverance to get back into shape.

Think before you put something in your mouth. Am I really hungry for this or am I bored, stressed or having feelings unrelated to hunger.  All these little changes will make a big difference in your weight.


Change up your eating habits. Have breakfast for dinner and visa-versa. Have a blended juice for breakfast or lunch. You will be surprised at how  satisfying a home-made juice can be made with vegetables and a small amount of fruit. You just need a good juicer or a good Vitamix blender to make them at home. Very tasty.

Cut out processed foods for a week, stop going to the fast food restaurants for a week. Do one or both of these things and you will be surprised how much  better you will feel, and your wallet will feel better too!

But you have to get started. Don’t try to be perfect, although that would be great and don’t beat yourself up if you slip. Just pick up and start from there.

Making small changes will turn into big rewards.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.Regards, Deanna


Fast Weight Loss Diets That Work

Outside of wiring your mouth shut, how can you lose weight fast. Finding a fast weight loss diet that works is not that hard.Fast weight loss diets that work

But the right mind-set is also very important. That is definitely  needed to be successful in your quest to get the weight off fast. So try to work on a positive mind-set to help you on your plans to get rid of all the extra weight.

There are many diets that work quickly, but some are very strict and difficult to follow. Also, you need to incorporate exercise into your weight loss plan Exercise is very important to a well-round approach to weight loss. It will help tone you and improve your flexibility as you age.

Take Atkins, if you love carbs this will be a hard diet to follow, but it has been known to take off 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks. A lot depends on you. You have to follow this diet to a T. No cheating or it won’t work.

My husband was on this diet a few years ago and lost 35 pounds only to gain most of it back when we went on a cruise.

If you are not familiar with Atkins, you basically eat protein, fat, low carb vegetables, salads and that’s it.

Atkins Diet

Phase 1 Induction

You start out on induction for at least 2 weeks or longer, but at least 2 weeks. The induction plan is more restrictive than the other phases, but you can stay on the induction as long as you want until you are fifteen pounds from your goal. Then move on to phase 2.

Phase 2

Ongoing weight loss usually until you are within 10 pounds of your goal weight. This phase is to help you find your personal carb balance.

Starting at 25 grams of net- carb intake daily, you increase over-all in 5 gram increase to find your own personal balance.

Phase 3

Pre-maintenance is until you reach your goal and maintained it for a month. Trim your final excess pounds and find your tolerance for carbs while maintaining your weight.

Gradually increase your daily carb intake by 5 or 10 gram increments introducing new carb foods and continue to lose weight.

Phase 4

Lifetime maintenance. This phase is to help you find the right formula to control your weight for the rest of your life.

The Atkins plan is fairly easy plan to follow  after the first week or so when you are over the cravings for carbs. You are never really hungry, but you will have carb cravings.



South Beach Diet

South Beach is another low carb diet with fast results. It’s similar with a few different twists. On this diet you will be consuming the “right fats,” “the right carbohydrates, “lean sources of protein,” and “plenty of fiber.” You are also allowed low fat dairy and fruit.

The first 2 weeks will kick-start your weight loss efforts as you learn what foods you can enjoy and which to stay away from. You will eliminate all starchy food including pasta, rice, bread and processed foods.

You will eliminate all sugar, including fruits and juices.

In phase 2, hopefully your cravings will have disappeared, you will gradually add more of the right carbs like whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice.

You can also introduce fruit at this phase. Add these foods slowly and monitor your weight. If you continue to lose keep enjoying these additions. But if you stop losing or start gaining, go back to phase 1.

Finally Maintenance

Once you reach your ideal weight, you’ll enter phase 3. By now you should have reached your ideal weight and know how to maintain it. It’s possible to have a treat now and then. Remember to watch your weight closely, so all your hard work is not lost. And keep up your exercise routine.

Cabbage Soup Diet 

Have you heard of the cabbage soup diet. I think most people that have a weight problem have heard of this diet.Fast weight loss diets that work

It’s very restrictive, but suppose to work.

Cabbage Soup Diet

Day 1 Cabbage soup and all the fruit you want, except bananas. For liquids,  just unsweetened teas, cranberry juice and water.

Day 2 Have as much as you want of raw and cooked vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. Stay away from high starch vegetables like peas, corn, and dry beans. You can have a large baked potato with butter for dinner and your cabbage soup. No fruit on this day.

Day 3 Mix together day 1 and day2.Eat as much as you want of the soup, vegetables and the fruit. But no baked potato today.

Day 4 Bananas and skim milk. You can eat up to 8 bananas and as much skim milk as you want. Also you can have your soup. This day is suppose to help you lose your cravings for sweets.

Day 5 Beef and tomatoes. Have from 10 to 20 ounces of beef and as much as 6 fresh tomatoes. Drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water to rid your system of uric acid. You can substitute baked or broiled chicken for the beef, but no chicken skin. You can also substitute broiled fist on one of the beef days only. Not both days.

Day 6  Beef and vegetables. Use leafy vegetables and eat soup at least once .

Day 7 Brown rice, no sugar, fruit juices and vegetables. Mostly green and leafy vegetables. Eat soup at least once.

Do not follow this diet any longer than 7 days.

The cabbage soup diet is a high-fiber, low-fat diet that will jump start a weight loss to help you lose weight quickly to get you motivated for a long-term eating plan. Remember to check with your health care provider before you embark on any weight loss program.

Juicing is another quick way to lose weight!

Juicing is another way to lose weight fast. I did a 7 day juice only fast and lost 10 pounds in that time. It really works, but you have to be careful when you do go back to eating.

If you don’t monitor your food intake you will gain the weight back quickly. Doing a juice diet is a little involved, in that you need a GOOD juicer or a Vitamix  6300 blender. Either one will do the trick. Make sure you use the 80/ 20 ratio. 80 percent vegetables to 20 percent fruit.  You want to keep the sugar to a minimum, so 20 percent fruit and you need the nutrients of the vegetables.

So there are a few different quick ways to lose weight. But once one of these diets jump-starts your weight loss, remember it has to be a life-style change in order for you to have lasting results. So good luck and much success in your weight loss journey.

If this article was helpful, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Deanna


The Breville BJE820XL Juicer Review – The Easy Way To Juice

The Breville BJE820XL Juicer Review – The Easy Way To Juice

Product: Breville BJE820XL

Price: Originally $600.00 Sale price $363.34

Cheapest place to place to buy: Amazon

Rating: My rating would be an 8 out of 10The easy way to cleanse

The easy way to juice

If you are into juicing or have a desire to start juicing, make sure you get a good juicer. If you have a cheap juicer they are difficult to clean and don’t always juice the fruit and vegetables properly. You can have a lot of waste if you don’t have a strong efficient juicing machine. I bought a cheap juicer when I first decided to start juicing . What a mistake that was.

Invest in a good juicer

It’s important to have a efficiently working juicer, otherwise there will be a lot of hand cutting and chopping and it will make juicing a real chore and there will be a lot of wasted food that did not get juiced.

Juicing should  be done in a juicer, not be in a blender as you would be making a smoothie which means the pulp stays in the juice. It’s recommended not to drink the pulp because you are trying to give your digestive system a chance to rest according to what is called a real juice.

I enjoy juicing. It’s an easy way to get all the fruits and vegetables you need.

Also if any family members do not  enjoy veggies, serving them  a  juice is so much easier and tastes a lot better. And you know they are getting their vitamins and proper nutrition.

You would have to eat 2 to 3 vegetables every meal,at least 2 meals a day, to get the same amount of nutrition from 1 to 2 glasses of a combined fruit and vegetable juice for the whole day.

Make sure to add some non-caloric liquids to your diet each day:

Coffee, black, no sugar

Green tea, black, no sugar

Water:  at least 8 (8oz) glasses every day before and after your juice.

Breville Juicer

This juicer has a 1200 watt motor with 5 speeds from 6,500 to 13,000 rpms. The 3 inch circular feed is a  great size to handle fruit and eliminate lots of chopping.

The second juice disc is good for making fruit purees and smoothies.

The cost of this juicer might seem high, but if you were to buy your juices in a grocery storejuices it would get prohibitive. on average most people have at least 3 to 5 juices a day, if you are into juice fasting and add that up in the course of a month and your juicer could be paid for in a couple of months. Plus the convenience of not having to go to the store when you run out. By making your own, you can pick and choose the kind and flavors of the fruits and vegetables that incorporate.

I love this Breville Juicer and would recommend it to anyone. If you are trying to improve your health and the health of your family members, this would be a great addition to your kitchen.

You can get the Breville Juicer here. I’m sure you will be glad you did.

I hope you liked this review and if you have any questions, I would appreciate your  comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you, Deanna

Fast Weight Loss By Fasting

The perfect solution for fast fat loss, while keeping a healthy metabolism.

Eat Stop Eat is a program (not a diet) that will help cleanse your digestive system and rid your body of unhealthy toxins.

You will lose unhealthy fat, without losing energy levels, in fact, your energy levels will increase, and your metabolism will not be affected.

This plan will not leave you feeling deprived or starving yourself to lose unhealthy fat.

Most diet information does not make much sense.

You must eat more to lose weight, which means more calories in.

The less calories you consume the faster you will lose the weight.

Each year hundreds, if not thousands, of diet books, supplements, and weight loss programs are bombarding the public with the latest ” no-fail” plan to lose weight.

But the American public is fatter than ever!

Trust me, this obsessive form of “dieting” is time consuming, expensive, and unnessary.

You get consumed  with what, how much and when to eat.

You are constantly thinking about food and when is my next meal, making it harder and harder to stay on track.

Some of these diets will work for the short term, but they are not a plan that you will want to follow for the long term or for the rest of your life.

And that’s what you really need, is to get rid of the false claims about what and how to lose weight and get fit and trim.

The diet industry is always preaching about this new diet or supplement.

You must do this and that to lose the excess weight. But yet Americans are fatter than ever. Something is wrong with this picture

I do not think weight-loss is that complicated.

Stop wasting money on diet books, supplements, diet pills, diet cookbooks, signing up for membership to get weighted, listen to a lecture, measure and weight your food or count points.

Then following their low-fat recipes to only end up by think constantly thinking about food and than eating more.

Take a much simpler approach and you will think about food less and not be obsessed about dieting every waking minute.

Get off the diet merry-go-round and order Eat Stop Eat now and get your life and esebanner2012 eat stop eathealth back.

I would love to hear from you, If you would like to comment on this article, please do so below.