Juicing Recipes

There are many juicing book available, but there are really no rules for what ingredients to use for your juicing recipes. If  you want fast weight loss, than it’s best to stick to the 80% to 20% rule.

Eighty percent vegetables and twenty percent fruit. Using more fruit than 20% will increase your sugar consumption and slow down your weight loss.

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But if you would like some ideas for different combinations, here are a few recipes to try.

Make sure to store all juices in an air-tight container. Juices are best and have the most nutrients if used the same day and should be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

Healthy Juice Recipe

1 small beet

4 small carrots

1 pear

1 appleFruit on a platter

2 slices of pineapple

4 florets of cauliflower

handful of spinach

4 broccoli florets

Wash and trim all ingredients. peel and trim beet, quarter tomato, peel and trim carrots, quarter apple and pear.

Discard all seeds.

Add all ingredients to juicer as they fit.

Makes app  3  8oz servings.

Put leftover juice in an air-tight container and refrigerate.

Use the same day if possible   Refrigerate.

Cabbage Juice Recipered cabbage and onions

1 Cucumber,trimmed

1 Carrot, trim ends

2 Celery Stalks, trimmed

1/4 head of Red Cabbage, cored

1 Granny Smith Apple, cored

1 Cup of Grapes, any variety is good

1/4 Lemon, peeled

1 Big Handful of Spinach

Remember, it is very important to wash and rinse all of your fruits and vegetables before juicing.

Remove the core from the apple as the seeds are not good for you.

Add to a blender;

1/2 ripe avocado

1 oz. fresh wheatgrass

few ice cubes

In blender, add avocado, wheatgrass and ice, blend and add to the other ingredients, mix and serve. Delicious

If you don’t eat it normally don’t add it to your juice.  Enjoy!


Strawberry Shine Juice

3 stalks celery, trimmed

5 large strawberries, hulled

strawberries spilling out of bucket

1 carrot, trimmed

2 granny smith apples, cored

1-2 cups grapes

Add all ingredients to your juicer , juice and serve over ice. Enjoy

Keep un-used juice in air-tight container in refrigerator. Better if used the same day.

By adding veggies to all your juicing recipes you are increasing the benefits that juicing  gives you, plus if you are concerned about losing weight, than incorporating the veggies is very important to your continued improved health.

Everything in our environment is not as healthy as it should be.

The air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we consume are certainty not as chemical free as we would like.

Almost all work places have chemicals in their environments and there is not too much we can do about it.

So trying to keep our bodies as chemical free is very important to our good health.

I appreciate you reading this article and if I can answer any questions or if you would like to comment, please do so below. Thanks, Deanna



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