Nordic Walking Poles -The New Way To Walk

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Are you a walker and want to lose weight faster, then maybe you should try some Nordic walking poles?

Benefits of Walking Poles

Walking in it self is very beneficial to your health, with less stress on your joints than running, but by adding walking poles, you increase your benefits probably double. You will have increased strength in your upper body and by moving the poles you increase your arm strength.

Not only do you work your arms, but also your shoulders, chest, and upper back muscles, giving you a full body workout.


You will improve your balance greatly by adding the walking poles. The walking poles help you move with better posture in a straight up position, which properly aligns your spine. This will definitely improve your balance over time.


If weight loss is one of your goals, walking poles will be an added bonus. Using them will increase the amount of calories burned and the amount of oxygen used, increasing your overall strength.

Been walking for a while and not getting the results you want, than try the Nordic walking poles. Meet your goals with a walking plan using the poles. They can be used on any type of ground surface, from grass, sand, ice, snow to concrete.

Using walking poles will increase your calorie burn by 15-20% and even up to 50% in some cases.

What is the difference between Nordic walking poles and Trekking poles?

Trekking poles are similar to mountain bikes, while Nordic poles are like road bikes.

If you are going to walk for exercise and weight loss you will be better off with the nordic walking poles. Mostly used for flat walking with very little terrine involved.

Nordic poles

  • made for flat walking surfaces
  • poles are made to place behind you on the ground
  • able to be used on pavement or terrain
  • made for short workouts
  • available in one, two, or three pieces
  • comes with metal tip with an adjustable rubber foot for hard surface walking
  • has a strap to keep the pole close to your hand to push off with.
  • not for supporting heavy loads.
  • designed for fitness workouts giving added balance when walking.

Trekking poles 

Mostly used by hikers, backpackers to help when walking on all types of rugged areas.

  • Made to support loads
  • made to use all day
  • not made to use on pavement
  • comes with a loose strap to prevent loss of pole
  • are heavier than walking poles
  • made in three collapsible sections


Straps vs strapless

Nordic walking poles evolved from cross-country ski poles so cross-country skiers could train in the summer months. So you are basically walking with cross-country ski poles. The straps help push-off using the strap.

In Nordic walking there is a phase called the open hand which happens after the push past the hip movement, this helps increase the ability for more movement of the shoulder muscles to work harder. Poles without straps limit your ability to swing your arms to the full extent, for the full benefit of walking.

Which type of pole is best?

Fixed or adjustable, which style is the best for you?

Fixed poles give  slightly less vibration if you walk for a long distances, but you have to be certain you have the right height.

An extendable pole is still a fixed pole with an adjustment near the handle, which helps with less vibration.

Adjustable poles provide flexibility and are suitable for all walkers. But there is the chance of the poles collapsing.

Telescope poles are foldable to fit in a suitcase or backpack, but will tend to vibrate  a little more.

Be careful of the  twist-locking poles made in China. They have a tendency to loosen as you walk and can collapse , sometimes causing you to fall.

How to walking with Nordic poles and

Hold poles lightly in each hand. Walk with the poles beside you, letting your arms swing naturally. Relax your shoulders, lean slightly forward. Move arms and legs alternately, left foot forward, right hand forward.

As you step forward with left leg, plant right pole and vice-versa.

Poles should land at the same time as your feet. Stand tall with shoulders down and walk with a purpose, don’t dilly-dally. Your stride should be slightly larger than when you normally. Here is a video to show you how to use the Nordic walking poles.

Nordic walking is fun, easy to do, and great for getting fit. It can be done alone or with companions.

So get a pair of walking poles and get started on your way to fitness and well being.

If you have any comments or  questions about this article please leave it below and I will answer as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna.


2 thoughts on “Nordic Walking Poles -The New Way To Walk

  1. What an interesting idea! I have seen people out walking with these poles but I did not know what they were doing that for. I like that you can get a full body workout this way.

    Do you recommend a specific brand? I see from a quick Google search that there is a wide variety of prices.

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