Review Of The Belly Fat Cure Fast Track

This is the second book written by Jorge Cruise  to help you lose weight fast. It states that you can lose up to 14 pounds in 14 days if you follow the diet to the letter.Belly fat cure review

The book explains all the reasons we are overweight and how to combat the problem. Jorge discusses in detail about all the foods that contain hidden sugar and carbs, like milk, juices, and most processed foods. the book also explains in detail how sugar and carbs affect your health and specifically your digestive track.

There are many testimonials with photos (before and after) included to inspire you to   take the diet plunge. The book includes a 2 week menu to follow for optimum results, that you can follow to the letter or mix and match within the same category.


  • The book has a section with 25+ recipes to try for variety.
  • Easy to follow plan.
  • A very healthy way to eat
  • Recommends regular, easy to find foods.
  • Can lose up to 14 pounds in 14 days. Good incentive.
  • No special food to purchase.
  • Includes a section on exercise. Which will help with the quick weight loss.


  • Very similar to Atkins and South Beach diet.
  • A large amount of weight loss may be hard to attain.
  • Very limiting with not much variety.

This book recommends strongly to take probiotics to help clean out your digestive track, suggesting that is the culprit, getting rid of excess waste.

All in all I think that this form of eating is good for you, because you are basically eating whole natural foods with very little sugar and carbs and no processed foods. I just wish someone would invent a no carb ice cream. I know there is a low-carb version, but I haven’t seen a no carb version.Review of the belly fat cure


If you have any questions about fasting or dieting, or any helpful information, I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below, and I’ll be sure to answer you and thank you.Deanna

7 thoughts on “Review Of The Belly Fat Cure Fast Track”

  1. I love the review Deanna and I especially love that the book supports the eating of whole natural foods, with little sugar and carbs and no processed foods. The truth be told, this is the formula to lose weight and be free from most diseases. Good job.

  2. Hi Deanna

    Great review! It’s really nice to see nowadays even we want to reduce our fat is still can eat the food what we wanted to eat. One example is this belly fat cure fast track, you can still eat while doing your diet routine. It’s really sound awesome! Thank you for sharing!


  3. I love how this review is to read. Great pro and con section! Is it a safe diet plan though? Personally I generally don’t like the diet for a certain amount of days approach. Does this book include ideas for long term lifestyle change too?

  4. Great way to lose weight quickly. Is it any improvisation of keto diet? Cause I heard a lot about keto diet and its long-term dangerous side effects. It’ll be great if you introduce us with any of the side effects. Thanks for the educated review


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