The Dodo Fasting Diet


Which Diets are popular now?

In 2013 it was the 5:2 diet, which encouraged fasting with a small amount of food(500 calories) on your fasting days. This was a very popular diet for quite a while. Then came the Dodo fasting diet, which has become the newest trend with the celebrities.dodo diet

It’s easier to follow and the results are great. Up to 7 pounds the first week. Plus the name gets your attention for sure.

Have you heard of the Dodo fasting diet? It is getting very popular due to the fact that it is easy to follow and easy to understand. You do the diet for one day and off for one day. Hence the name.

You lose weight quickly, with an increase in energy levels. This diet or any good diet will help reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, prevent diabetes, heart disease and slow the aging process. Basically you need to drop the pounds.

So, how does the Dodo Diet work?

You eat your pre fast meal in the evening and then you don’t eat again until the following evening. You enjoy fresh protein and vegetables until full. For quickest results, try to make it a low carb meal.

The follow morning, after the fasting the day before, have a low-carb, light breakfast. Eat normally for this day watching your carbs. That’s it, pretty simple for sure.

Only follow this fasting day for one day followed by a eating day. You can do the fasting diet up to 3 days a week. So 3 days a week you fast during the day and 4 days a week you eat normally. But don’t overeat, still try to be careful. No hot fudge sundaes, French fries, you know what I mean.

You still want to eat carefully so you will see fast results. Plus you will feel much more positive about your journey.

Getting started on the Dodo fasting Diet

The day before you start the diet, eat a regular breakfast and lunch. For your evening meal eat a high protein meal with veggies and salad. Plus a little dressing. Have your evening meal around 7:00. This is your pre-fast meal. Drink only water during the evening.

Starting the next day, the first day of your fasting, no food all day until evening, when you have your mid-fast meal. During that day, you can have water, green tea, or some coffee dodo dietwithout milk, sugar, or sweeteners.

Eat mid-fast meal about 20 – 24 hours after your pre- fast meal.

The next day,(no fast day) eat a normal breakfast, lunch,  and if you are fasting the next day, eat a pre-fast meal (extra protein). It’s recommended on this plan not to fast everyday, take a day off between your fasting days.

On the Dodo diet you don’t have to count calories. But your meals should consist of a normal portion of protein, 2 cups of veggies. On non-fasting days, don’t fill up on fast food or your efforts will be in vain.

Feel free to eat from a large variety of wholesome food. but go light on sugary foods . They  will only sabotage your weight loss and foods that are high in carbs will keep you craving more and it will be a vicious cycle.

So good luck on your weight loss journey, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me below with any questions.

Thanks you, Deanna

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