Alternative For The Salt Water Flush

If you are considering doing the master cleanse and the salt-water flush seem harsh to do. Some people find it too difficult to complete.

If you can’t get the salt water down,  here is an alternative for the salt water flush.

There are many different ways to flush out your system besides the salt water, which some people think is very drastic and unappealing. This colon cleanse can be used at any time when your system seems sluggish or you are constipated, not just during a fast or partial fast.

But there are many alternatives available to use. Also it is recommended by many professionals that it is not necessary to do a colon cleanse if you are not consuming any fiber.

If you are doing a partial fast like a rice or fruit fast, than a colon cleanse is recommended.

Natural fiber supplements  Yes or No?Alternatives to salt water flush

Psyllium husks and flax seeds are two natural fiber products that can be used in place of a salt flush.

Both are available in health food stores and on Amazon. Very easy to prepare and the results are very good.

Here is the directions on how to use:

1 rounded tsp psyllium husk

1 tsp bentonite clay, (powder or liquid)

8 ounces of liquid

Put ingredients in a  empty glass and add water, stirring well.

Drink right away, before it thickens. Then have another glass of water. Continue to drink plenty of water and other liquids.

On the first day, only drink one glass of the mixture, followed by 2  -3 glasses each following days. Make sure you drink between meals and away from when you take your medications and supplements.

Necessary or not?

Many people believe in enemas for a though cleansing. But I guess it’s a matter of preference, as others feel enemas are not necessary. If you have the equipment and feel it’s helpful than by all means do them.

But also remember they can become addicting and you don’t want that. We’re trying to get healthy here and not damage our health, but improve it.

To drink or not to drink….

Herbal teas that is.Alternative to salt flush

There are a number of herbal laxative teas on the market today available in health food stores and grocery stores. They contain seinna, for stimulating your system.

Good Earth and Smooth Move are two of the most popular ones readily available.

Just drink a cup of tea in the evening before you retire and if you prefer another in the morning.

Just make sure you do not overuse or your colon can get dependent on this or any other laxative.


Another option is to do nothing at all. You can give your colon a rest and let it heal by itself.


3 thoughts on “Alternative For The Salt Water Flush”

  1. Good info.
    What’s the clay?
    Drink it quick before it thickens you say.
    Doesn’t sound very healthy to me.
    Something thickening in you colon surely can’t be good, can it?
    Sorry, I’m not being negative as I don’t know anything about this subject. I was just asking the question others may ask.

  2. I was thinking of getting some herbal tea but don’t know much about them. Any advice on what sort I have to be leaning more towards? Sorry, complete newbie in this area lol

    Anyway great post and can’t wait to learn more.


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