Thirteen Tricks To Lose Weight Fast

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Every once in a while there is a time when you have to lose weight fast for a special occasion, beach time, vacation, class reunion, wedding, you name it. Well here are thirteen tricks to help you peel off those stubborn pounds.13 tricks to lose weight fast

  1.  Keep a journal. Be honest , write everything down. You will be surprised at how much you have eaten without even thinking about it. Don’t be afraid to express your feeling, what you are thinking when you eat something that you shouldn’t, how you felt after. Think about your mind-set. Your mind is a powerful thing, use it to your advantage.
  2. Increase your fiber. Fiber will fill you up and plus it is very good for you. Fiber helps to push waste through the colon. Cereal, grains, fruits, salad ingredients are high in fiber. A woman needs 25 grams a day and a man needs 38 grams a day.
  3. Water, good old H20. Still one of your diet’s best friends. It fills you up, without any calories, is great for you and helps to satisfy you. Get one of the new water carriers and keep it with you all the time.
  4. Cut out high fat foods. Give up the French fries, fried chicken, spare ribs, you know what I mean, all the good stuff.
  5. Increase your walking time by 15 minutes. If you walk for 30 minutes increase your walking time to 45 minutes If you walk for an hour add on another 15 minutes. Just increasing your exercise time by 15 minutes you will see a change on the scale.
  6. Use smaller plates for eating. If you use a smaller plate, you will naturally eat less.
  7. Eat fruit, don’t drink it. There are 22 grams of sugar in a glass of orange juice. You will feel more satisfied if you eat your fruit.
  8. Use weights during commercials on tv. Most commercial breaks last 3 minutes, a good time to do a little weight lifting.
  9. Get rid of the salt . Start seasoning your food with natural herbs and spices. Much better for you and you will get rid of that bloated feeling.
  10. Give up all white food, except cauliflower. All white foods are high in carbohydrates which can really add on the pounds. You can drop 15 pounds in a couple of weeks if you are careful and follow a low carb lifestyle.
  11. Do an extra 30 minutes of cardio instead of television in the evening. You will be surprised , it’s not that hard and you won’t miss that show anyway. If you really want to be gung-ho do some interval training when you walk or workout.
  12. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, park furthest from the entrance to the buildings you use.
  13. Give up alcohol. Alcohol is full of empty calories and if you mix it with some mixers  you will double the calories, beer is bloating. When you drink you lose your will power and start eating everything around you, all the munchies and snack food and you also don’t make good choices for meals after a couple of cocktails. Better off to just skip the drinks.13 tricks to lose weight fast.

That’s my list. I hope you are able to use it to get some pounds off for that next special occasion. Good luck and let me know how you do.

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you. Deanna

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