Benefits of Fasting- There Are Many

Have you ever considered fasting and what the benefits are? If you are reading this article you must be interested in fasting. There are many forms of fasting and also many benefits associated with food

Plus there are many different types of fasting, so you need to find out which type will works best for you.

First, if you are new to fasting, let me describe the different ways to fast.

  1. Water fasting- just what it says, just water for a certain amount of time.
  2. Juice fasting- Only juice for a set amount of time.
  3. Intermittent fasting- Eating only 1 or 2 light meals a day, depending on your reasons for fasting. Or one or two days a week of total fasting.
  4. Dry  fasting- The strictest and the most difficult. One that I would not do without a Doctor’s supervision.

Fasting can be done as easy or as strict as you want. You be the judge. If you are just starting fasting, it might be better to start with the least strict form of fasting. If you are fasting for weight loss the stricter the quicker the weight loss.

My first fast was a juice fast for 7 days and I lost 10 pounds. I was so satisfied with the juice fast that I could not drink all the glasses of juice recommended. But remember in a juice fast to use 80% vegetable and 20% fruit, because of the sugar in the fruit and there are many nutrients in the vegetables.

With the water fast you will lose the most amount of weight the fastest. But it is also very hard to do for any length of time. I have tried a water fast and only did 3 days, when I wanted to do 10.water fasting

Let’s talk about the benefits of any fasting.

The American diet, especially, has suffered from the excesses of foods and many of the wrong types of foods. Rich, heavy, overly processed foods that just put a burden on our system and never get cleaned out.

By fasting, we give our bodies a break from the overstuffing and all the bad choices.

The benefits of fasting

  1. Cleanse and detox the body.
  2. Give the digestive system a well needed rest.
  3. Help prevent and eliminate diseases like high blood-pressure, diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer.
  4. Fasting helps the body heal from within and most people will see improvement in their overall health.

Fasting will not cure you of any ailments or illnesses. It just gives your body the rest it needs to heal itself. For instance, take a small cut on your finger or hand, within a couple of days it starts to heal itself. That’s the power of the human body if it is in optimum health when it’s not being burdened with digesting and metabolizing the vast amounts of food we consume.

More benefits of fasting.

  • Anti aging
  • better sleep patterns
  • improved good habits
  • clearer skin
  • clearer thinking
  • better able to relax
  • improvement in diet
  • reduce allergies
  • rest digestive system
  • more energy
  • more awareness
  • more resistance to disease
  • last but not least weight loss

That is a very impressive list to encourage you to try fasting. And just remember that if you don’t complete as much time fasting as you planned for, it’s a step in the right direction and each time will get you closer to your goal. If you are considering juice fasting check out this juicer, it does an awesome job.

If your fasting is geared to weight lose,  just remember that any amount of fasting will help and the more often that you can do a fast, the closer you will come to achieving your weight los goals and the added benefits are an added bonus. benefits of fasting

So good luck and much success in your fasting journey and if I can help or guide you in any way, please leave a comment or question below and thank you.




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