Lose Weight Fast and Easy

How to lose weight fast and easy.

If you are on this page I’m sure you are having a problem with weight loss issues and are looking for help in that department.

I know, have been there and done that so many times I’ve lost count. Well here are my tipsscale-403585_640 + tapemeasure to help you lose weight fast and easy.

Tips to help.

Always ask yourself are you really hungry or are you bored, stressed out or eating to avoid doing a chore or task. I have always been a grazer. I would rather stand and pick rather than sit down and eat a balanced meal. Now that I have cured myself of that habit I realize that I’m eating far less in the course of a day. It’s amazing.

Make water your main source of liquid. Try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses a day. Another rule of thumb is take your weight, divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces of water a day.

So if you weight 150 pounds divide that by 2 which equals 75 ounces. Divide that by 8 and that’s how many 8 ounces glasses of water you should be drinking a day. Don’t substitute with juice or sodas. They are loaded with calories. Even diet drinks are not good. Supposedly the ingredients are suppose to make you hungry and crave food.

Stay away from all white foods, except cauliflower, white foods are loaded with carb and carbs tend to make you hungry again shortly after eating, plus too many carbs rise your insulin levels which is not good.

Try to stay away from all processed food. They are usually loaded with sugar and ingredients that I can’t even pronounced, so you know they can’t be good for you.

Watch your consumption of alcoholic beverages. All alcohol is full of calories and sugar. Plus the mixers usually are full of sugar. Also alcohol usually makes you hungry.

Try to add more vegetables and salads to your menu. They are full of fiber and will fill you up for a longer time. But don’t fill up on rich sauces and salad dressings.

Incorporate some exercise into your day. If you have not exercised in a while start slow still lifeand build up your strength and stamina. Start walking and you will be surprised how quickly you will get stronger.

Your mind set plays an important role in your weight loss success. If you think you can’t succeed you will be right. If you think that you can succeed you will be right also. You can create a habit in 21 days, whether it’s good or bad. So try to cultivate good behaviors and soon they will be second nature to you.

Success is a slow journey, not a sprint. So be patient with yourself. If you slip and fall just get up and back on track. Just  because you stumbled does not mean you’re a failure. It just means you are human.



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  1. A tip that I have been using lately is to add raw kale and spinach into V8 juice and then blending it with ice. It tastes fabulous and is very high in antioxidants! I also add cucumbers sometimes due to its diuretic properties.

  2. So many useful tips! I don’t specially dedicate too much time to exercise as I try to walk as much as possible and opt for stair-climbing instead of the taking the elevator – that works too!
    Another tip I have is to keep my water bottle at my side whenever I’m working. So if I’m feeling bored, I have water within arm’s reach instead of being tempted to reach for snacks. Helps myself stay hydrated and even keep hunger at bay!

  3. Hey you have a lot of good information here. Weight loss can be a very stressful time for someone and its good to see that it can be done in a very fast and easy way.

    I like how you give practical weight loss advice like trying to add exercise into your day and to avoid white foods.

    I also agree that alcohol can have bad effects on someones weight.

    thanks for reading and i hope you reply

    • Hi Dylan, thanks for your insightful comments. Losing weight is such a huge issue for many people. Hopefully my site will help some. Deanna

  4. Hi Deanna,
    Some good advice here that should help people struggling to lose weight. I didn’t know about the rule of thumb for the amount of water we should be drinking, that’s a great tip.
    Our mindset is the most important part of losing weight. I think we can go on another diet and lose some weight temporarily or change our style of life, follow your tips, have a healthier approach to our lives and lose weight permanently.

    • Thank you Peter for your comments. I thinks a change in lifestyle is the most permanent way to solve the weight and unhealthy habits for good. Deanna

  5. Really clear and straight to the point. If more people apply what this post says, will be a reduction of overweight issues in the hole world. We have to watch out the sugar and the carbs, when you consume these 2 in a very high volume, it could be highly dangerous for our lifes. Another thing here is that be healthy saves you money, by avoiding sicknesses there is a huge reduce of expense . great job my friend

    • Thank you Javier, I appreciate your comment. Yes we all would be better off, health wise and money wise if we watched want we eat. Much success to you.

  6. Hi Mattmike7, This is a very helpful post. I think to the question of whether I am really hungry or am I bored, I must say that I sometime eat because I am bored. I think when we really look at our habits, we will realize that we sometimes eat for the wrong reasons and that causes us to put on weight. Would you say that if people follow these tips, they will not need to follow some of the dieting programs out there? Thanks

    • Hi Rodney, Yes I think sometimes we are guilty of that. I think it depends on many things, like how much you have to lose and how soon you want to lose it. Really what is important is to change your lifestyle completely and eventually you won’t need to diet. Thanks for the comments. Deanna

  7. Hi there,

    Really nice post and packed full of useful tips about losing weight. I have to agree with you that a balanced diet is a major part of losing weight and keeping away from white carbs is an essential tip. I have to admit that when I finished reading your post I realized I’m a grazer and I might need to graze more healthier or simple change my eating habits.

  8. Hey, I like your website,but the name is very hmm controversial. Being a competitive weightlifter and coach I know the harmful effects of fasting and the worst thing about is that it comes back because you cant fast your whole life its just not health.

    This page has some good tips though! I like how you simplified them so anyone can understand them and make it very approachable to all levels of readers! Great job.

    Best of wishes, Thad P. Gymbulk fitness

    • Thanks for your comments, I know it’s not healthy to fast too long. But it is a good jump start to for the motivation to get started on a weight loss program. Thanks again, Deanna

  9. Hi there,

    There are some good tips on here for a fitness beginner. I think someone who has no previous knowledge of fitness could really benefit from your tips. You say to stay away from carbs, but carbs are an important macronutrient even for weight loss. I don’t think white foods should be avoided, but should only be eaten at certain times instead. White foods are faster digesting carbs, so eating them first thing in the morning or immediately after a workout will not have any negative health benefits.

  10. Great tips. I don’t know where the basics of eating right has gone. Whoever created all the processed foods and junk foods are the culprits for weight gain. Convenience of foods is not always the best for our health. We should ban the bad foods and go back to the old days where people at whole fresh foods.

    • Thank you Sofia, for your comments. How true. Eating processed food is so unhealthy for you. Time to go back to eating more natural foods. Deanna

  11. Hello and thanks for sharing, this is a great post for those who want to loss weight, many persons have a weight problem and for many it causes them to have a low self esteem. But all is not loss because your post as the kind of information that can cause a person to not only get on track but to get their confidence back. Thanks again for sharing I am sure that your readers will find this post most helpful. All the best to you and have a good day.

    • Hi Norman, Unfortunately being overweight and obesity is becoming a big problem. Hopefully more people will learn how to get back on track and realize how serious it is to be overweight.Thanks for the comments. Deanna

  12. I am one of those people who tends to eat when I get board. I’ll usually go and get something to snack on when I’ve got nothing better to do. Time to break that habit!

    Yeah like you said, I’ve also heard before that diet sodas stimulate your appetite and make you want to go and eat more, even when you’re not actually hungry. I think it has to do with the sweetener in them.

    What do you think is a good alternative drink to soda for someone trying to watch their weight?

    • I always have a water with ice, sometimes club soda. That seems to satisfy me, because I did drink a lot of diet soda years ago. Any habit can be broken, take it one day at a time. Good luck, and thanks for the comments,Deanna

  13. I drink plenty of water everyday and it helps but I need to do other things and maybe a bit more fiber will help. I try and stay away from carbs. I go bike riding and walking and go to the gym 4 days a week.
    I know that losing weight is not easy but I am finding that the more occupied I am with things and the more I move, the better I am at losing the weight.
    Staying away from any processed foods has helped me big time.

    • Hi Rob, Sounds like you are doing all the right steps. If you still need to lose some weight, checkout intermittent fasting, like skipping one meal a day and still stick to low carb. It has helped me. Thanks for the comments,Deanna


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