5% to 10% Weight Loss Can Be Very Beneficial

If you need to lose a substantial amount of weight, don’t get discouraged. It’s been proven that a 5% to 10% weight loss can be very beneficial to your health.

Goal Setting

Set your goal for 5% to 10% and you will see a vast improvement in your health. Even a 5 to 10 % loss can lead to lowering your chances of heart disease or diabetes. Plus that amount seems like a more achievable goal.

Your chances of success is greater if you set small attainable goals with rewards when you reach them. (But not food rewards).

Do you want a healthy heart?healthy heart

Both heart disease, diabetes, along with cancer may face many obese patients. The ability for the body to control insulin is the reason overweight people are at risk for health issues.

All of us would like to look like we did when we were younger and it may seem like an insurmountable job.

But all large chores or projects are better broken down into small attainable steps. I know when I had 50 pounds to lose, I thought how am I going to do that? But with each small goal achieved it was doable.

Another plus is you will have more energy. With that increased energy you can get started on an exercise program.

We all can benefit from exercise and you will be doing your body a favor and you’ll be burning more calories. Ideally, 1 hour of exercise is optimum, but start slow if you haven’t exercised in a while and are quite overweight.

What about your state of mind? Taking off a few pounds is such a boost in your self confidence and well being. Once you get started, the sky’s the limit.

Let’s look at the improvements possible.

High-blood pressure:

Most cases of high blood pressure are caused by being overweight. By losing 5 to 10% of your weight you can decrease your blood pressure by 5%.

High Cholesterol :

Your cholesterol can be lowered and controlled by medication. But it’s harder to regulate or increase the HDL or the good cholesterol, but weight loss can increase your HDL by as much as 5 points, which can help lower your chances of developing heart disease. Also if you have high triglycerides you have a greater risk for stroke or heart attacks.

Pre-diabetes or diabetes: 

Your normal level should be below 6.5. Small amounts of weight loss can decrease this to help improve your health. Insulin’s job is to keep your blood sugar levels normal.

When you are overweight the pancreas produces too much insulin which results in added fat, especially around the waist. Too much insulin can result in diabetes.

So, The verdict is in.

So much of your overall health is affected by your weight. This should encourage you to get started on the path to better health by eating better and starting an exercise plan. It’ s not really that hard.

Getting started is the hard part. Start slow, so you don’t give up if you are sore after exercising. Remember a walk around the block is better for you than sitting in front of the TV or computer.

Keep at it and soon you will be walking 30 minutes without even realizing it.

If you have a computer go on YouTube and check out some exercise videos there and you will find one suited to your age and ability to get started. This way you can exercise whatever the weather. Plus there is a large variety so you won’t get bored.

This is one of my favorite’s from Slim in Six.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you, Deanna

3 thoughts on “5% to 10% Weight Loss Can Be Very Beneficial”

  1. Hi Deanna,

    When you mentioned 5% to 10%, it made weight loss sounds very achievable. Maybe it’s the psychological part but every time I think about losing weight and all those workouts, diets, etc come across my mind, I get demotivated.

    The result, I’m almost 10KG above my optimum weight. Thank you for the motivation and the subtle reminder of the complications lying in wait.


  2. Hello Deanna,
    I really like your concise content! Yeah it is true goal setting works anywhere, and it is good especially for demystifying preconceived notions on weight loss. I mean that can be like – what will i gain if they don’t even try out something different? And what will i lose? Such goals would work with a good time plan. Thank you for your insight!

  3. There’s really no reason not to lose weight, unless you’re very skinny. Anyone who says otherwise is probably unwilling to put in the work needed to lose. The best reason you mentioned is undoubtedly lowering blood pressure. That’s one of the biggest causes of preventable death around.

    Weight loss is a pretty hard thing to do, but once you start, it’s much easier. Thanks for the article Deanna!


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