Truth About Abs- My Review

PRODUCT: Truth about Abs

Website: www.truthaboutabs.comabs

Price:  $ 39.95

Owners: Mike Geary

Overall Rank: 8.5 of 10.


Truth About Abs– the real story. This book has sold over 1 million copies.

Today everyone (especially men) want the 6-pk abs. No flab, just that firm solid stomach that you can only get with 100’s of crunches, sit-ups and ab machines. Written and developed by Mike Geary, a nutritionist with a knowledge of exercise and working out, his program is a 149 page e-book with methods for lowering body fat to a point where you can find your abs.

I’m sure many people buy this program thinking it’s basically a work-out program when in point it is more of a healthy eating program with some exercises included.

You will receive the program in digital form thru Clickbank. You will receive a food, nutrition plan and work-out plan to help you achieve your goals. He has a different program for men and a different program for women.

The food plan tells you all the fat-burning foods you should eat every day and the foods to stay away from. Basically the program is geared to changing your diet and includes some exercises .

                                    The good and bad of this program

The positive points of Truth about Abs:

Work-out at home

Meal plans

Good diet recommendationsdiet food

Workout plans with photos

E-mail support

The Negative Points

Too many request for up-sells on supplements

No videos of exercises

                                            Tools and training

E-book 149 pages

Personal calculator

Free subscription to a fitness magazine

Free audio series- “Em-Power”

PRODUCT Support:  Truth about Abs is more of a proper diet and exercise book than just stomach exercise book. It teaches you that you have to work the whole body for results. Mike provides an e-mail address if you have any questions and will reply promptly.

A large assortment of testimonials are available, recommending the product. All in all a good program if you are inclined to follow thru.

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