Add More Fiber To Your Diet

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Once you have lost most of the weight you wanted to lose and have gone back to consuming solid food make sure you are incorporating enough fiber in your diet.

How much fiber is enough?add more fiber

Many of us do not get enough fiber in our diets. If your weight loss has slowed down or at a standstill, you may need to add more fiber to your diet. You will get filled up quicker and it will help you reach a healthy body weight.

What is fiber? Fiber is a carbohydrate found in plant foods, (veggies) whole grains and fruits.

Fiber is important because it helps the digestive system and you will eat much less food and feel fuller. Take salads, if you switch out iceberg lettuce for spring mix you are getting an increase of fiber in your diet.

How much is enough?

Women should consume at least 25 grams a day and men 38 grams a day. Here is a list of some good high fiber foods.

1Pear- 5 grams                                                                           1 cup ww pasta- 6 grams

1 cup raspberries- 8 grams                                                    24 almonds- 4 grams

1 cup oatmeal- 4 grams                                                         1 cup beans- 12-19 grams

1 cup peas- 9                                                                               1 cup winter squash- 6 grams

1 artichoke- 10 grams                                                             3 cups popcorn- 4 grams

From the FDA website.

 Lose more weight

If you still have more weight to lose and are not fasting or juicing you might want to consider adding more fiber to your diet. A study showed that adding more fiber to your diet you will lose almost as much as people on a low-fat diet and it’s much easier to follow.

Anyone on a high fiber diet reduces the risk of obesity, heart attacks and diabetes. That’s 3 good reasons to follow the fiber rich diet and cut out the junk food that is a common diet in the American culture.


Have you tried incorporating seeds into your diet? They are an added source of fiber and very easy to add to your diet.

Flaxseed, ground is an excellent addition to cereal, baked goods and smoothies and adds a nutty flavor.

It’s magic!add more fiber

Fiber does not have any magically qualities. It just makes you feel fuller without adding more calories. Instead of drinking a glass of juice, eat the whole fruit, you will get more fiber and feel much fuller. And you won’t be hungry in a hour or so.

And don’t forget exercise. Exercise, even limited exercise will be helpful to keeping your body healthy and functioning.

If you have any questions about dieting or have any helpful information to share, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment or question below and thank-you.


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