Intermittent Fasting For Easy Weight Loss

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Have you heard of intermittent fasting?

Well, intermittent fasting is just that. You fast for a certain length of time and eat during a set period of time.

Your JourneyIntermittent fasting

When you first start your journey into IF(intermittent fasting) you include the time you sleep at night and fast for as long as you can into the day. You might start out fasting until noon and then have something light. Preferably broth and veggies.

So your first fasting will be say after dinner in the evening. You finish eating at 7:00 and you don’t eat until 12:00 noon the next day that will be 5 hours until midnight and 12 hours until 12:00 noon which will be  17 hours of fasting which is very good in the beginning.

When to fast

This can be done daily or 2-3 times a week. Depending how anxious you are to lose the weight. Doing this type of IF you can expect to lose about 2-3 pounds a week and maybe a little more, if you add in some exercise.

Get moving

Exercise is very beneficial when trying to lose weight. It helps to tone you and helps with your metabolism.

The last 20-30 years we have been told to eat small meals all day long to lose weight and the America people are fatter than ever. The less calories we consume in the course of the day the better our weight loss will be.

But they must be sensible calories, not highly processed foods that are full of preservatives that add a lot of empty calories and no nutritional value.

FlexibleIntermittent fasting

The best part of this program is there is no program. You can customize this concept to fit your lifestyle and what works best for you.

You can start out slow and gradually increase your fasting time as your body adjusts to less feelings of being stuffed and you enjoy the feeling of lightness in your body.

I know it has worked for me and hundreds of others. So give it a try and if you would like a detailed e-book on fasting, just Click here.


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