Use It Or Lose It

Have the winter blues hit you? Don’t feel like moving, well use it or lose it. If you don’t keep up with exercise, you will lose your energy to get out there and get it done. Keeping fit need to be done on a daily basis with maybe a day off once a week, doing so will keep you in shape and your body in it’s best condition for overall health and fitness.

Use it or lose it
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Don’t become a couch potato.

If you have turned into a couch potato for a little while during the cold winter weather. Stop now, get off the couch and get busy. The longer you go without working out, the harder it will be to get back into the routine.

Even if you have gotten out of shape, just go out and walk. Walking is one of the easiest ways to get into the exercise mode again. Plus you are using a lot of different muscles by just walking. Plus it’s great for your lungs and increasing your overall well-being.

Put on your walking shoes

It doesn’t take much to put on those walking shoes and get out there and do a 30 minute walk. If the weather is bad or very cold, try a walking DVD. Just pop it into your computer and away you go. 30 minutes in no time and you didn’t need to dress up for the cold weather.

There are many ways to get back into exercise. If you have a gym membership, just promise yourself you will go for even a half hour, enlist a friend to get you motivated. It doesn’t take a lot.

No more excuses!

As Nike says, “Just do it”. It’s easy to make excuses for yourself, I know I have, plenty of times. But once you get started it will soon be a good habit again.

If you have not exercised in a long time, start slow. You don’t want to hurt all over, so you won’t want to keep it up. Everything in moderation and soon you will be back in the swing again. Once you are feeling fit, then try power walking, that will help get you back into shape.Use it or lose it

Make sure to do it at the right intensity. An easy way to determine this is the self-talk test. Start by walking at a good pace where you are breathing deeply , but not gasping. aim for a level where you can talk, but not be gasping for air.

Try to get in a power walk at least 3 times a week in the beginning.

Remember if you don’t use it you will lose it.

As you get older, it’s harder to get started again, so don’t stop. Keep that habit up until it’s second nature and you feel lost without it.

As we age, everything slows down. You can’t bend as easily. It’s harder to get up and down, but exercise can help a lot with keeping your mobility, stamina and boost your cardiovascular health.

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